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have you ever noticed the similarity between nyc fire call boxes and benevolent Kannon, goddess of mercy?
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every design, fashion and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. and where do they live? brooklyn!
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the wedge, but a sleek modern interpretation

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alas, the sneaker. (because I live in nyc and walk a ton!) but not too sneakery of a sneaker. more of a sneaker disguised as a shoe, like a mary jane style or a high-tech looking black one with a metallic accent. how about Royal Elastics? I must go try some on. I really like the non-sneakeryness of their styles.





get your own project success board

I have to say, my hokey Project Success board has been working really well. Click on the link and see how to set one up for yourself. Choose categories that suit you, of course. I have gotten three new store accounts and 8 more stores who are interested and want to see more since I put up my board. I have also done a lot in the Blue category and immediately made my money back 7-fold. Yay. Most of all, it has helped me set my goals and track them. Having the board in front of my face in my work space makes me remember that I set the goal in the first place. Try it! Here again are the supplies you will need.

Living in New York, with all the go-getter energy that swirls around you everyday, has made me realize (finally!) that there is no mystery to success, no single magic thing that you have to do. It just boils down to this: Just do it(!) and never ever stop doing it, even if you get frustrated that no one is returning your calls or emails; just do a lot of different things everyday, and it will eventually add up. Don't prejudge. Just try it. I just had an email yesterday from a query I sent more than 2 weeks ago! And it was tremendously good news. And I got a new store account yesterday from the Market I did Sunday. Who could have predicted that? The store is in Ohio. And a new store account that resulted from my stopping in to say hi while doing my laundry, laundry soap in hand, and a terrible outfit on. You never know until you try. Take one risk everyday. You will be rewarded.

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interesting things i found while clicking around

The Brooklyn Record (published by Brownstoner. I didn't know that!) Check out this site for all things to eat and do in the many neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Is my neighborhood listed? Yes. Ok, so it is a good record. And there is shopping information too.

And then I found this neat store called GRDN. I will have to pay GRDN a visit soon.

And then I found this Grand Street clothing store's website: Ghostown. In Williamsburg. I don't think I have ever noticed it. Must pay Ghostown a visit in my travels.


i can't believe i didn't think of this combo sooner

I was dressing the mannequin the other day after unpacking from Sunday's show, and these two pieces happen to catch my eye. I always show the woodgrain/water print Handkerchief Halter with a brown skirt, but the grain and color of the Bamboo Denim Skirt is an interesting contrasting complement. Ahh. Very nice.



my cushy summer ironing board set-up

Here is my relaxed set-up for summer. Why stand? And I have a nice cool Japanese straw mat to sit on while I iron. My iron: a Rowenta. It has a larger chamber for water that gives you 30 minutes of steam! My tip: always get a thermal cover for your ironing board. Stay away from those cutesy prints. A thermal cover will heat up and press the garment from the underside while you press from the top. Double-pressing for half the work.


title change*: elaine takes you behind the blog

I am liking the longer titles for the posts lately. Don't you like how I comment on every little thing? Including commenting on this little thing. Yes, that is the way I am. When I reread my old journals (before shredding them when we moved), I noticed that I started every journal with lines like, "This is my new pen! I think I am going to like it. I think it will help me write smaller. I like the smooth roller-ball action." Or "Here I am, in my new journal, at last. I like the grey cover and the narrow lines. The paper is a nice smooth quality." Or "Although I am not technically finished with my old journal, I could not wait to get a taste for what is awaiting me. My new journal that I just bought today at Kinokuniya [stationery store in Japan]. I will go back and finish the old one after this entry, I promise. But I just had to try out these new pages. A clean fresh start! A whole new me. I wonder what I will discover in this journal..."

And then when I first started blogging, I was freaked out by the Blogger interface itself. It did not look like my final published product. Here, I will take a page print for you to see. Hey now you can see where I edit.

So as you can see, the Blogger interface is rather confining. A little rectangle to write in. And it writes in a serif font. I hate serif fonts. Especially because my font is Arial in the final product. I could not get over that fact for awhile and felt weird writing in a font that did not look the same as the final published product. I get very stuck on end-products. I guess it is good that I am a fashion designer. It is more than good to be mired in the details when designing clothes.

Anyway, by now I have learned to write in the Blogger interface. Even though I still edit in the final published version and go back and forth a few times, rewording. So there you have it. Some of my process. Nutty as it is.

*this post title started out as "my cushy summer ironing board set-up" but then I got onto this topic instead. So I will talk about my cushy summer ironing board in the next post, if I don't tell you about my new rechargeable batteries first.


tricked-out ironing board plus more bagel musings

A detail shot of my tricked-out ironing board. More to come on that story... So how many times to I blog/think about bagels? A lot! You have to understand, I lived in a largely bagelless land for 14 years, after having been born and raised on the real stuff my whole life until that 14 year hiatus from good bagels. Now I cannot get over just how delicious bagels are here. Reunited! I am in bagel heaven. And to live down the street from the best smoked fish supplier in the world; well, I just can't express my excitement enough and often enough.

In my high school days, kids would hang out in front of the Bagel Box. In my pre-school through high school days, I would have a half a bagel with butter or cream cheese for breakfast nearly everyday which my Mom would run out and get fresh many times per week. On the weekends, lox and bagel. And then came Boston. Bread rolls with a hole in the middle. And 95 cents each! They have a nerve charging such a price for a bagel-shaped piece of bread that hasn't even been boiled first, then baked. Everytime I ordered one, I think I would always have to say "95 cents? When I was a kid, a bagel was a quarter!" just to communicate my outrage... Oh well, I have no outrage anymore. I am happy to eat all of the great hand-rolled bagels of this city. Tal Bagel. Ess-a-Bagel. Those are my two faves. And Kossar's Bialy. Have you gone there yet? You have never seen a more beautiful site. Giant wood bins from perhaps the early 1900s filled with bialys! Garlic ones. Onions ones. Poppy seed ones. Oh it is so great! Go visit! Bring money.


two little slices of heaven

My breakfast this morning. Perhaps my favorite breakfast of all time. Yes probably. A Kossar's bialy, with spinach tofu cream cheese by Brooklyn All Natural. (the best tofu cream cheese! better than Zabar's even!) One half has sliced tomatoes, the other, nova salmon. It was heaven.




what i have been doing instead of blogging lately

Well I am glad you asked. I have been doing a lot of analog projects out there in the world lately. I have to say, it has been rather novel. Like today, I bought a new eyelash curler. The rubber pad in my old one went all funny. I bought one from Revlon, tried it, and returned it an hour later. Really cheaply made. Did nothing. No curling. So I bought a Cover Girl. That one works. My old one was a Maybelline. I think that one is my favorite. Maybe I'll try to find the replacement pads for it (and keep the Cover Girl too, because I can't go returning another one in the same day, because it actually does work, and that would be wrong). I know that the Shu Uemura is supposed to be the best, but I think it costs $25. And my Cover Girl was $4.50. So naturally the Cover Girl won out.

Another really important project I worked on today was finding a new haircutter. I have been trimming my own hair since my last cut. Finally I just walked into a salon across from the Y and got a cut before my swim, taking myself by surprise. I have become afraid of getting my haircut. I have yet to get one I like very much since I moved. This one turned out reasonably well. She did exactly what I asked without having any idea what I really meant. We'll see how it grows out. I still really miss my old haircutter in Boston. He was a fellow curly-haired person, and he understood my hair, and he is a super duper expert with the scissors. Maybe he could cut my hair during a trip he could take to NYC for fun at my urging, but also cut my hair in his spare time on the fun trip....

So I can see that you are beginning to understand how my attention could be totally consumed with these projects instead of blogging. And these projects are not all I have done. I have set the timer for 30 minutes per room and cleaned every room in our apartment. I have programmed the VCR to tape shows in my absense. I have hunted for and found my nail file so I could tend to my nails while travelling on the subway. I have refilled my travel size shampoo and conditioner bottles for my gym bag. I have also cut a fancy new soap I bought in half so it would fit in my gym bag soap dish, and also last twice as long. I have successfully unpacked from Sunday's Market within the 30 minute alotted time. Actually it only took me 10! What else? I have made iced tea, coffee iced cubes, regular iced cubes and also refilled the filtered water tank-thingie in the fridge.

Well now I see that Blogger is not connecting. I will wrap this up here and try to publish it. And then it is back to the analog world for me!


fun outfits for the fourth!

Weekend barbeque plans? Here are some red-white-and-blue elements to consider for your fireworks-watching ensemble. Don't forget the silver sandals!

Try these in red-white-and-blue:

Dynasty T, Means Business Skirt, Cherry Rancho Skirt, Red Labyrinth Silk Obi Sash, Blue/Silver Striped Silk Tunic, Bamboo Belt, Coral Lasso Necklace



must blog

But must unpack first. I will be back later with posts and pics, but now to the unpacking from yesterday's Market NYC. Can I do it in 30 minutes? I will try.

I had quite the action-packed weekend. I showed my t-shirts to a new store in Brooklyn on Saturday, and then delivered their order the same day, in between the rain drops. Very exciting. If you are in the neighborhood, come check out their store, Dalaga. The decor is so striking! And the clothing selection is quite nice too. These two sisters have a great eye. (dalaga is Tagalog for a smart urban chic girl who has got it all together)

Sunday I did the Market and split the table with my friend Alyson who just moved back to Brooklyn from Boston. She was my intern 9 years ago and then my trusted production sewer for a number of years following. If I may do a little plug for her here, she is a graduate of FIT, and has worked for Marc Jacobs and Imitation of Christ before starting her own line, Redder Betty, which you can see a bit more of here. Her website is coming soon.

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report from the renegade craft fair

The Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend was just a few steps away from our neighborhood. I read all sorts of blog entries about it, about how 'we city folk are so lucky to have this event,' etc. etc. Yes you are right. There were so many innovative products. And lots of handmade felt signs. Very crafty. Themes that repeated a lot: birdies, anchors, woodgrain, felt, felt and felt.

So anyway, I found this jewelry designer that I really liked. Amy Tavern. I must get my ears re-pierced. When I started wearing barettes, I stopped wearing earrings. It just looked too busy. So my holes closed. But now I think I can work both. I need to find a place to get it done...

Here were my earrings of choice. The disc is plexi! And she showed it in red, which is the way I want it. You can order that color too online, by just dropping her a note. She had some lovely bangle bracelets too in nice organic shapes. Each bangle varied in shape too. I would like 2 or 3 of these.

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egg timer tips + pep talk

If you are feeling particularly stressed, time-crunched, in deep dread of a very unpleasant task or just can't concentrate for some reason, use the 15 minute interval. It will help you get started. And sometimes all you need is someone to force you to get started. (Think of your egg timer as a someone, not a something. It is your very precise co-worker.) This one is also helpful for toggling between 2 unpleasant tasks. Or for tasks that seem to go on forever when you really need to run to the post office (like invoicing and packing). Just do 15 mintues of one, then 15 minutes of the other, and keep repeating until both tasks are done. Also great for starting to chip away at a seemingly insurmountable mountain of to-do's.

The 30 minute interval is good for when you are feeling calmer (like I am today, like I wasn't yesterday) and feel like you can really get into what you are doing with pleasure. Play a CD while you are working, and be a happy worker bee.

The 55 minute interval is when you are starting to flit about too much because you have over-used the 15 minute interval. Now it is time to sit still and focus, Kathy Lee-style! No bathroom breaks. No drinks of water. Just do your work for one hour without distraction (I bet you can't) and then you can get up. But don't start at 55. Work up to it. You can do it!

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time management

Yesterday I had myself on a very short egg-timer leash. 15 minute intervals. Sometimes 20. So I couldn't really work a blog entry into my day. Plus sitting in front of this computer is hot. My sewing machine seat, however, is quite cool and breezy, so I opted for that all day. I am back blogging today, with a few more posts later. But at 15 minute limits on the computer. Off to do some more cool & breezy sewing.

Hey by the way, in a surprise move, I am showing at The Market NYC this Sunday from 11-7. My rack will have the Sumi-e Tank and Skirt at the front, so you can recognize me. Come find me!



sewing fortune #1

If you wake up with a shaky hand,
use a dull scissors.

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seventh heaven

We went to the Seventh Heaven Street Fair on 7th Ave in Park Slope for Father's Day. My husband took pictures of the crowd and made this compilation. I like it a lot. Had to show you too. Click on the pic to enlarge. The street fair went on for miles. We did a bit of the middle more towards Flatbush Avenue. It was a hot one yesterday but very much fun. The best booth: Divine Foods. Was that the name? I am not sure, but WOW! Food from heaven. And a great place to cool off with a white chocolate frappe, or a mocha frappe, or a vanilla latte frappe was Cocoa Bar.

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lox and bagels

I will get the Beagles. Especially if you're going to get the Locks.

Friday I went to Acme to buy Nova for Saturday's breakfast, and asked my husband to bring home the bagels from Ess-a-Bagel. He sent me the above note and pic. :-)

By the way, have you gone to Acme Fish Fridays yet? I love love love standing in line there and learning about all the fish. It is positively the best shopping experience I have ever had. Better than Bergdorf's!

There was a long line on Friday with everyone shopping for Father's Day parties. She was giving out tastes of the Gravlax. I leaped! Two women standing in front of me were buying fish for a co-worker. He told them to get him $100. worth of fish. They bought one pound each of 8 different kinds, and still the bill only came to about $85. Amazing. Apparently, earlier that day, because of Father's Day, they sold ten 12-pound Smoked Cooked whole salmons!! She brought one out from the back. It was a beauty.

Check out Acme's PDF Brochure to see more of what I am talking about.

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my dad makes the best egg creams

As far as I can remember, it all started when I was little with my Dad making us chocolate sodas on the weekend or after dinner. That was back in the Quik days when extra stirring was required. In went the seltzer and up rose all the foam. Excitement! We drank them down through straws, putting our green glass mugs back on the table after every gulp to measure who had more. I might have thought of that contest... A few years later, we graduated to the Hershey's syrup, which cut down on mixing time, I'll tell you. We also made orange sodas a lot, with orange juice and seltzer, always measuring to see who had more with every drink we had (again the contest was at my urging I think). Including Schav. But back to seltzer-based drinks. The key to all these drinks: put the soda in last for the extra foam-up.

In the last five years, my Dad has concocted some new tasty egg creams, one which he made for me (the Indian Egg Cream), the other (the Dark Chocolate Egg Cream) he told me the recipe over the phone and I promptly made the next day. They are both really tasty and I must share them with you in honor of Father's Day.

The Indian Egg Cream combines skim milk and soy milk, Indian tea masala (a spicy blend you can pick up at the Indian market) and last, the seltzer! Very tasty and the spicy is nicey. The Dark Chocolate Egg Cream uses unsweetened Baker's chocolate. This is for bitter chocolate lovers, which we both are. Combine a piece of bitter chocolate with a little hot water to make it into a smooth paste, then add the skim milk and combine. Add the seltzer! Two healthy egg creams for you to enjoy! Happy Father's Day Dad! See you Sunday!
this is roughly what is in tea masala
which comes ready-to-use in powdered form



philodendron t

Speaking of t-shirts, my favorite part of the Philodendron T is where the silver and blue fronds intersect. I love the delicate lines of this one. Very nice with an indigo denim skirt and a tank top underneath the t.


interior design revisited

Many thanks to Holly at decor8 for commenting on my what is interior design? post. Take a look at her comprehensive comment. Very informative!




The other day I had a hankering for the Copley & Prudential Malls. In Boston, I cut through the Mall from the Y to home every other day practically, shopping and scanning every store along the way. Being from New Jersey, I am most at home in shopping malls. I got my ears pierced at the Mall. I worked at Benetton when I was in high school at the Mall and learned their meticulous art of t-shirt folding (which I must say, has come in handy in my current career. You should see my displays at shows.)

Now in New York, which is pretty much Mall-less*, I went to Union Square and walked over to 5th Avenue. Starting on 15th Street and going uptown, the stores are exactly the same as in Copley, and follow almost the same order! Isn't that strange? Maybe some shopping expert figured out that this collection of stores creates the ideal shopping flow. I don't know. But anyway, I pooped out after only 2 stores. I have lost my shopping endurance. So I went back 2 days later and did some more. I got my fix.

*There is the Mall at Columbus Circle, but I only like sitting on the 3rd floor there and getting the great view of Central Park South. The stores aren't as much fun for me to browse.



recipe help again

Once again, I need some new recipe ideas. I made the Asian pesto from Martha last night (photo), with my variations, and it was really tasty. Now I need some ideas for tonight. Help! In the meantime I am going to scour the web and see what I come up with. I will be back later (check this same post) with my food finds. Feel free to send me your links to favorite vegetarian recipes in the meantime.

Since I was in the mode of making graphics, I made another. I kind of like the shape of this one.

Black bean sauce is a good basic to have in your repetoire, like a good skirt. hee. Here's one I compiled from 4 recipes I found. Great on veggies, grilled tofu, rice. Great on fish too. Ingredient list in bold. Ok I found one good idea. Back to searching.

Cook up one can of black beans with garlic, soy sauce, grated ginger (to make it juicy), sriracha or other favorite hot sauce, coriander powder, fresh lime juice in a pot until the mixture thickens. Let cool a bit and blend in food processor with 3 fresh scallions, cilantro and a dash of sesame oil.

How to use: marinate your ingredients in the fridge and then bake in the oven, grill, or wok. Or wok your ingredients and then add while cooking, and then spoon extra sauce on to serve.

Here is a link on epicurious to 10 orzo recipes. I forgot, I have fresh feta from Astoria in the fridge right now! I like the looks of the cucumber feta dressing. I must look through and combine my favorite elements.

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somewhere in williamsburg

Found two interesting restaurants in Williamsburg the other night, slighly off the beaten path. Aurora has a rustic Italian menu. Prices are good. The place is very beautiful, and the outdoor garden seating is plentiful and very very beautiful. I scanned in the menu for you to peruse (below) as I could not find it online.

The Roebling Tea Room is a great little cafe with quite an extensive tea selection. And nice iced tea selections too. We tried the trout pate plate and the smoked salmon, watercress and cucumber salad. Both delicious. Cocktails too, including white sangria and a Pimm's Cup.

Roebling Tea Room
143 Roebling at Metropolitan
718 963 0760

:: Aurora menu, click to enlarge ::

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free 411

I just heard this cost-saving tid-bit on the morning news, and I had to pass it along. (I even made a nice little graphic for this post, see?) 411 calls are free again when you dial these numbers!!! In exchange for the free, you have to listen to an ad before they give you your number. If that is ok with you, then start dialing.

And if you have a text messaging package, you can use your cell phone like a Blackberry and text for free to Google. This is the coolest. But I don't have a text package. Without one, I guess it would be 10 cents per message? I would have to look that one up. The useful part is say you are in the middle of NYC without a phonebook and want to know where the closest Container Store is. You can ask that of Google. Neat. Or just call me. I happen to know where all the Container Stores are. (don't really call me. that was just for the funny. just text to Google! and they will text you back.)



quiet contemplation

Here are some inspirational photos of Bhutan for you this morning. My former professor, Robert Thurman (yes, father of Uma, but also the leading Indo-Tibetan Buddhist scholar in the U.S. and co-founder and president of the Tibet House) is leading a walking tour of Bhutan this November. Now that is a trip I would love to take! I know so little about it. When I worked at the Asia Society, we worked on an exhibit of Bhutan. I remember there was only one fax machine in the whole country, at the airport. And the organizers of the exhibit had to drive two hours to receive our faxes. Here is the description of the trip:

Join Dr. Robert Thurman as he returns on his sixth visit to the last remaining Tibetan Buddhist Kingdom: Bhutan. During our travels we will visit sacred temples and monasteries, enjoy active day hikes and have time each day for meditation and teachings with Dr. Thurman. Throughout our journey we will examine Bhutan's unique cultural and environmenal position and its efforts at continuation and preservation.

After we ate at the Ayurveda Cafe recently, I bought a book on Ayurveda, and yesterday I started doing morning asanas. You know, getting air circulating in your lungs first thing in the morning is a good idea.



life in fashion

Some days can be trying. Good thing there are comedians to put it all in perspective. Check out The Show with Zefrank. I need some funny right about now.


head full of art

Is there a such thing as art overload? I would say, no way, never, no! You can never get too much art. My head is full of new thoughts from all of the art we took in this weekend. A modern dance performance, and all day jazz festival, a film about Tibet. After hearing the Tibetan language during the film, of course I want to learn Tibetan. Here is a link that looks like a helpful start.

If you will excuse me computer, I will now leave your malfunctioning electronic world full of dropped emails and failures to connect and 'this document contains no data' for some moments of peace to play my clarinet and then work on some new patterns and designs.



fantasy sandal #5

Here is an attractive dressy-casual sandal that can take you from shopping to dinner, or from the office to dinner depending on your lifestyle. I always love to choose a toe color that matches the inside of the sandal, in this case a pinky-lavender. The leather flower is a lovely touch with a smart crisp waxy cotton pants-suit, don't you think?

Once again, I would choose a black power-clutch, as I like to call it, to go along with these shoes. You know the kind: an exaggeratedly long rectangular black clutch in stiff yet buttery leather. Maybe with a subtle silver clasp. A retangular sleek clasp of course. To accessorize your shoes, try these pieces from elaineperlov.com. (If the shoe is really great, I do think of the clothing as the accessories. Go figure.) Links: Chungking, Bamboo, Pinstripe, Windows

The wrap-around ankle strap is very comfortable as is the low heel. The toe straps however, are not built for distance. Take a cab. Choose an occasion that will require lots of sitting and looking lovely.

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dharmic duo

My recommendation for this weekend's dinner and a movie: tonight, Sunday or Monday, go see Dreaming Lhasa as part of the International Film Festival at the Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center. Before the film, have a nice balanced dinner at the Ayurveda Cafe. Each day there is a special pre-set healthy menu consisting of an appetizer, assorted chutneys, 2 vegetable entrees, bread, lentils, basmati or brown rice, salad, raita and dessert all served on a thali. And it is all vegetarian. You will get up from the table feeling energized! And at the end of the meal you get to reach into a carved box and choose a concept to ponder. Here were two of mine.

Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center
165 W 65th St (btwn Broadway & Amsterdam)

Ayurveda Cafe
706 Amsterdam Ave (at 94th St)

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lucky's catch of the day

Look! Our Silk Wrap Top is featured today on Lucky Magazine's Catch of the Day!!! Check it out! I think we will be busy. Yay!



oscar niemeyer

Catedral Metropolitana de Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Brasilia

I want to show you some of Oscar Niemeyer's buildings. Did you know he was one of the major architects in the design and construction of Brasilia, Brazil's newly established capital replacing Rio de Janeiro as of 1956? Did you know he was one of the architects (along with le Corbusier) who designed the U.N.? He breaks from convention to create space-aged structures and shapes that really soar. His building are so incredible! I love his curves and his flying saucer shapes. Why did I never know about him before? Is there a documentary film about Niemeyer? Please comment if you know of one. Here is a link to more great pics beyond what I have posted.

I investigated plane fairs to go visit. Around $700 roundtrip per person from New York, and approximately 12 hours of flight time. I selected a random Tuesday to Tuesday trip for two in October. Don't you want to go on an architectural tour of this city? I do.

Cathedral, inside

Niteroi Museum of Contemporary Art, Brazil

Alvorada Palace, Brasilia

Congress Building, Brasilia

U.N. Secretariat (left), New York

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what is interior design?

I was really curious to find out just what an interior designer does. That is what brought me to the New York School of Interior Design open house yesterday. All the talks about the field and the school were so interesting. I took notes. Here is what I found out.

Much like a fashion designer, an interior designer is a jack-of-all trades. An interior designer should have a command of business, marketing, psychology (to work one-on-one with clients, believe me you need a knowledge of psychology!), but more specifically, 3-D design, 3-D drawing to do "elevations" and "vignette drawings" for the client, have a working knowledge of color theory and materials such as wall finishes and fabrics and how different lighting impacts those fabrics, must be able to work with contractors down to discussing if a "piano hinge" vs. a "European hinge" would be more suitable to hang the door, must be able to read and generate floor plans (using CAD) and have a knowledge of the city's building codes in working with the architect on the project, facility in French and a knowledge of art history as well as styles of interior design throughout the historical periods. I am sure there is more. This is some of what the talks touched on.

So you are maybe asking yourself, so what, do I want to leave fashion design behind and become an interior designer? No way. I love doing what I do. But I wouldn't mind adding some skills and consulting in some form. I do love transforming spaces. I am already great with fabrics and can calculate yardage like nobody's business, have the business, marketing and psychology abilities, have 5 years of French under my belt, a museum background, lots of art history, and the ace-in-the-hole, Japanese art history (I saw many final projects yesterday with Japanese art references), plus I can transform flat pattern drafting into 3-D modelling, have a strong interest in architecture and surfaces, and I happened to be carrying my own tape measure yesterday for a studio redesign project I am doing for myself. Plus I can bring my own unique designs to a project, including custom window treatments, pillow designs, and other custom fabric solutions to soften a space.

If there are any interior designers out there reading, please comment on what you do in your career on a day-to-day basis, including your favorite creative aspect of what you do. How closely do you work with architects? Many thanks!

The approach to the school on 70th St. Very nice real estate. They have a newly relandscaped roofdeck with views of Central Park for the students! Upper East Side living. Very nicel. I stood under the awning of a nearby fancy apartment building to get this shot in the pouring down rain.

The lecture hall. I got there early. I liked the design of the chairs.

They gave us free tape measures! (from Brunschwig & Fils) But I already had mine with me (the blue one).




field trip: nysid

I'm off on my field trip to the New York School of Interior Design in a few minutes. The Open Houses are today at noon and 6pm. It is raining and yucky outside, so there goes my outfit that I was going to wear with my espadrilles. So I will have to figure out something else. Maybe it will be one of those blend-in rainy day outfits... Maybe I will swim right after. In any event, I will be back later with photos.

btw: Blogger has been dropping photos this week. Right now, I see only half have loaded again today. It is a strange computer week. My site has been down a few times too for brief periods. Just keep trying!




the hi-lo belt loop

Tucked or untucked? That is always the question. Perhaps you didn't notice that the Lace Pinstripe Skirt has a key modular innovation: the Hi-Lo Belt Loop! Thread the belt through the upper loop when you want to wear your top tucked in, and through the lower loop when you want to untuck. Because let's face it, untucked is more comfortable, but you lose a lot of detail. Not with this versatile skirt. You can have it both ways!


no belt

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