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there is nothing like seeing a great handbag in action.
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plastics are our future. how can you resist plastic? it is so shiny and pleasing. I have a penchant for plastics.
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chronicling my quest for the one true
Greek Cup
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have you ever noticed the similarity between nyc fire call boxes and benevolent Kannon, goddess of mercy?
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every design, fashion and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. and where do they live? brooklyn!
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who says there are no more 'new ideas' in art and design? the newness is in the juxtaposition.
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useful, economical, modular pieces that can be mix-matched in numerous ways (because why can't fashion be useful and lasting? I think it can!) So I say Maximize your Minimalism!

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particular loves
bamboo, coral, moss, woodgrain, silhouettes & other cut-outs, plastic, low-resolution images, the photo copier, off-registration prints, Max Ernst's Lunar Asparagus, NYC fire call boxes that look like Kannon, Fauvist color sense, the Noguchi Museum, pretty much all of Abstract Expressionism

magazines of current interest
Domino, Elle Decor (British), ARTnews, Art in America, Wallpaper

favorite heel style
the wedge, but a sleek modern interpretation

second favorite
the stiletto

current shoe obsession
alas, the sneaker. (because I live in nyc and walk a ton!) but not too sneakery of a sneaker. more of a sneaker disguised as a shoe, like a mary jane style or a high-tech looking black one with a metallic accent. how about Royal Elastics? I must go try some on. I really like the non-sneakeryness of their styles.





art in the everyday: valencia

I ask you, who can resist a lovely old sign? And the font! Simply fontastic.

Art in the Everyday is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee

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2 sneak peaks for Fall 06: fabrics

Watch for new modular elements for Fall 06 on elaineperlov.com. As I said, I have been fascinated by quatrefoils and related shapes. Here are two new feature fabrics we will be using this season in two flattering Limited Edition tops, one dressy and one dressy-casual.

Sneak Peak #1
Embroidered Turquoise Silk Dupioni
with light blue and gold medallions
Watch for this Limited Edition top

Sneak Peak #2
A new direction for us: Stretch Lace
I really liked the geometric pattern
in this lace, reminiscent of quatrefoils
and also of Chinese cut-outs


have you seen these shoes?

Okay, so I had to do a post about shoes, just to be fair. I do still love shoes. It's just that I find them impractical for tromping around New York. I have told this to other girls, and they did not agree. But they were younger. What do they know. If I were to acquire some new shoes, it would be anything by JC (Jeffrey Campbell; made in Spain, by the way. Funny, I would have thought England). I love this brand. Have you seen the new things they are doing this season? The heel shapes are excellent. And most heels aren't too high, making it seemingly possible to tromp around. The styles are decidedly on-trend (i.e., 1970s); but when you live near Williamsburg, that look starts to grow on you, believe it or not. No it is not growing on my in the clothing department. Just the shoes. Just these shoes, to be exact. Here are some from Summer and Fall (photos found online; I have seen some even better ones on 14th Street):

JC, open toe, kitten heel, grey is my fave in these

JC, Tea Sandal, a bit ubiquitous, but what the heck,
they are still nice. I like this one in the green.
You know the one, I'm sure.

Again, take a walk on 14th Street and stop in every store. JC is in every store. Also at Shoegasm on 8th Ave just below 14th Street. Happy shoe shopping!

Something About Shopping is a regular column for the blog. gee

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how do you like these sneakers?

The new Fall season means my thoughts have turned to new sneakers. It used to mean new shoe shopping, but with the walking I do, shoes aren't really working out for me at the moment. Sneakers are my new friend for covering ground and seeing all there is to see in New York.

Pictured below* are some that I am liking of late (and that I have tried on and like. There is a difference you know. Like it on the rack. Like it not so much on your feet. It is amazing how some colors can look so good on the rack and so bad on your feet. And vice versa, believe it or not.) After much trying-on, I have found these styles to be comfortable and colorful; and some even look good with skirts.

SAUCONY Jazz are super comfortable!
the purples and navy would be good with denim

all the grey tones look good with skirts
I chose a pair that is grey, light grey and turquoise
for my very own. I am also liking a navy/light blue combo
but that would be just too many sneakers. Or would it?ASICS Onitsuka Tiger
this color combo is kind of like my SAUCONY's
but the pair I want in this particular brand are navy & copper.
really nice! but too many wants.
ah, shopping

*all photos courtesy of the World Wide Web. I need to take my camera with me today, so I can show you the color combos I really like. But these are good for now.

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something about shopping: jumelle

There is nothing more exciting to me than thumbing a well-edited rack of the latest styles. Check out Jumelle on Bedford in Williamsburg. Don't you love the wallpaper and chandelier? I will see if it's ok to snap a picture for you later in the week, but maybe you should just take a little shopping trip instead. In the meantime, take a look at this informative article with photos. I like the progression of color and texture happening right now for Fall. And there is a thick cable knit sweater right in the middle that has a good textured gold thing happening. Some interesting jackets and blouses too. [image from jumelle]

Jumelle ("twins" in French) is owned by twin sisters who both have a great eye. I love to wander in on the walk home. Check it out. 148 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718.388.9525

Something About Shopping is a regular column for the blog. gee

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modular dressing in graphic design

pageprint of STYLElife, jodi vautrin design, www.jodivautrin.com

I have a good friend in Boston, whose site I link to in my list of favorites over there on the right. Her name is Jodi Vautrin. And she is an amazing talented graphic designer (and I also might add, a great dresser, wearing my pieces and others in such unique ways. And she has a keen eye for home decor. Suffice it to say, I am inspired by her aesthetic sensibility.) We met at the talk I gave at Design Within Reach in 2004 and became friends over the next year and a half, gabbing over pots of chai and fussy sandwiches at TeaLuxe on Newbury Street or eating noodles at Betty's until I moved to NYC.

After wearing my clothes, Jodi was inspired to design this beautiful graphic design application of modular dressing for her e-newsletter, STYLElife. We had a great give-and-take when we lived in the same city, talking energetically about our latest ideas. She took my web photos and recontextualized them to make her own modular sculpture. I love it! Not only was I was so flattered, I was able to see my pieces in a whole new way. Take a longer look and click on the photos. She created a really thoughtful modular application too (displays in the lower left of the page).

I saw some similar shapes happening awhile ago on various websites, loved them and riffed on them. But it is so much more inspiring and amazing when friends make art based on your art. She retranslated my clothing concept into graphic design. In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to give her full credit for the first modular sculpture in graphic design. I hope I didn't riff too closely.

Modular Dressing is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee

Click here for a more in-depth read about my concept and economical approach to fashion.



transition into fall 06: the new index page

In creating the latest modular building blocks for the Fall/Winter 06 Collection, I have been particularly inspired by architectural details, namely the repeating geometric patterns I have been finding in ironwork, trellises and transoms, as well as in certain building finishes (unique building blocks and the like). As always, I am inspired by cut-outs and silhouettes, because of the layering possibilities that these sorts of open materials can inspire.

In this new Collection, watch for various quatrefoil shapes borrowed from Moorish latticework, Medieval heraldry and Chinese geometric transoms. Add to this mix of cultures and time periods, my signature mix of pattern, texture and muted rich colors.

As you consider building your own wardrobe this season, I encourage you to think of each piece as an architectural element.

Choose a solid cornerstone piece like a classic denim skirt.
Let some light in with some sheers in rich colors.
Textures and Finishes
Make your outfits interesting with some unexpected pairings.
And of course, don't forget to accessorize!

Explore all the latest transitional elements on elaineperlov.com and start building your new Fall looks.



to do or to tell, that is the question

It seems that the last few days has kept me busy with doing rather than telling. Back on Monday to tell what I have been doing.



a few sneak peaks

Want to know what we are working on for Fall? Check back on the blog in the next weeks for a few sneak peaks. Plus a really cute Heart Necklace that I have been previewing at the Markets to a great response. A shiny red heart made of laser-cut plexi on a long sterling silver chain. Very cute. Cute with your new Geisha Top too, while they last.



the geisha top is almost sold out

We have only 2 pieces left of the Geisha Top as of this posting. One is a size Small. The other can be made as a Small, Medium or Large. Order it now, if you have been thinking about it all season. Good luck. The first two in the online order queue will receive this great piece.



dear plummies,

Dear Plummies,
Thanks for coming to my blog. For some reason the link on the Plummies Nominees site is to my blog and not my website. If you want to vote for me for "Best Clothing," please check out my website instead, and then bookmark it. You can read my blog and bookmark it too, of course. I wouldn't mind.


something about shopping: oh dear

Brace yourselves this fashion season. Pleated Jeans are in. And High-Waisted Pleated Jeans with a Tapering Leg at that! What? But wait, there's more. Pleated yokes on tops, skirts, dresses and jackets. Itchy wool. Corduroy of the bulky variety, with pleats. Don't forget to bulk up the bulk. Top off your look with some hair-sprayed long hair, lightly curled and some oversized 70s plastic eyeglass frames and you are ready to paint the town.

The good news: the eighties are finally out. The low low low waist is out.

The bad news: the Chloe Sevigny look, as my friend so aptly observed, or what I might call disturbingly frumpy working lady from the early 70s, is the look that is replacing it this season. Oh, the things I saw this past weekend!

The other good news: you can still get plenty of well-fitting, very wearable clothes from me this season. I do not follow micro-trends. Especially unwearable, theatrical ones. Stay tuned for some new goodies in the coming weeks.

Something About Shopping is a regular column for the blog. gee

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hidden gem: le petit cafe

It was a lucky thing that we took the route that we did, getting off the G train at Smith and 9th, and cutting back under the elevated subway track and over to Court Street to check out Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill. Look what we found. A wonderful, beautiful hidden gem. I have never seen this place before, so it is a hidden gem! Le Petit Cafe has an extensive brunch/lunch menu including omelets, french toast, eggs florentine and fritattas, salads, and 18 varieties of panini sandwiches that are all so very affordable. The coffee is delicious too. And the garden seating in back is not to be missed. I felt like we were in Montreal. I went picture happy. Check out the photos.

Le Petit Cafe
502 Court Street
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Hidden Gems is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee

the indoor/outdoor garden

the giant tree the reaches toward the atrium ceiling is a metal sculpture

this one is a real tree

who needs your own garden when you can come to this cafe!

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look, a blook on the horizon!

I am kind of overjoyed about your many responses to my new column ideas for the blog. Many of you have written me personal emails or commented on the new pieces in the past few days about how you are enthused to learn more about Modular Dressing, in particular. I think there is a book in me. After reading the Apartment Therapy book, I definitely think there is a book in me! (I finished it today, by the way, and revitalized our home in 6 days by doing some deep cleaning and refreshing existing arrangements, and only $4. gee, but more on that in another entry...) And a 6 or 8 week class that I could teach at the 92nd Street Y, which I am going to outline today.

With the more formal column ideas in place, I can work on my ideas in sketch form in this blog, and with your kind enthusiastic responses, write a book about my ecomonical approach to fashion! Modular Dressing. Hey, I would definitely include a chapter about applying this modular dressing technique to your home and life. Modular Living! One of my new goals is to be on the list of the latest books published by alumni and faculty (Amherst Authors: there is a long impressive list every quarter) in my Alumni Magazine. Now that would make me feel accomplished.

In the meantime, read this Modular Dressing article I wrote in August 2003 for The Fitting Room, the online e-newsletter for elaineperlov.com


art in the everyday

In your wanderings this weekend, take some time to look at the birdies. Oh, and the cool hand-painted signs too. Art is all around you. Take it in!

Art in the Everyday is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee

tweet tweet




look what the apartment therapy book got me to do

So as I was saying, I bought the Apartment Therapy book Saturday. Before I could stop myself, I was taking down the shower curtain, scrubbing it and the tub and the tiles with some Comet and a toothbrush, and shining up the rings.

My quick-fix for shiny shower rings:
Shake some Revere Ware Copper Cleaner on the roller rings in a plastic cup (do 6 at a time). Add a tiny bit of water and swirl it around. The solution should sound gritty. That way you know it is getting the job done. Rinse with water. Dry on a towel. Toss the cup away. The bathroom sparkles like a hotel.

Don't just stand there. Assessorize!
Today I refreshed the arrangement of objects on top of the radiator. (I am still searching for a cool dried something or other for the empty red vase.) I think the Vitra seaweed sculpture might have set this whole renewal project in motion. Now I am a cleaning Tazmanian Devil.

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more about the plummy awards

Hey, look at this. I am now an "official nominee" for a Plummy Award. Gee. I have to say, I am quite pleased. It seems that voting has been extended until August 31. You can cast your vote here. And you can view what I make by clicking on the header above, or clicking in this sentence.


modular dressing for the table

I needed to change the feel of my table with minimal effort and minimal dollars. I didn't want to make a new tablecloth, so instead I swapped the white cafe paper for brown craft paper. Try it! I wrinkled it to give it a bit more interesting texture. I love layers. It works for dressing yourself, and dressing your table. What a little modular dressing can do!

Add a new layer in your life this week. It will make you feel refreshed and brand new and sparkly.

Modular Dressing is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee
Click here for a more in-depth read about my concept and economical approach to fashion.

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cuckoo for coasters

Yup, it's true. I am cuckoo for coasters. I haven't added any new ones to my collection lately, so it's not like I'm addicted or anything.

I love the Japanese wrought iron one in the third row. Nice for winter under a cup of tea. The orange, lemon, and lime slices are my favorites for summer.


apartment therapy, the book

I bought the Apartment Therapy book over the weekend. I wanted to see how a blog translates into a book, just in case I wanted to pursue such a project myself...

Well who knew that Apartment Therapy was about unblocking yourself and your space with an eight-step home cure? I thought it was just a catchy alternate title for "retail therapy" for the home. It is much more than a shopping solution. I guarantee that you will read 3 pages and leap up and start cleaning and weeding.

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nominated for a plummy

Read the comment below for these are nice too. I was nominated!

The person who nominated me thinks my textile combinations are fascinating. Neat!

If you want to vote too (before August 15), you can vote here. And here is more explanation of what Plummies are.



these are nice too

These linen napkins would make a nice counterpoint to a modern table. I love the knife! I think I would set the table with the napkin on a colored plate in the center, so as not to interfere with the actual silverware.

I am going to bookmark Uncommon Goods. It looks like a great site for gifts.

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isn't this neat?

Now this would make a great gift for a bridal shower. A cake and cheese saw! It is sizable too, at 8.5" long. I saw it (haha) on Apartment Therapy.

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new columns coming to the blog

As I was swimming along this morning, letting my mind wander to my day ahead, I came up with a few blog ideas, going forward for Fall. With the heat wave and the computer temporarily in the shop last week, my blog became more 'online diary' than I would care for. But what can you do? Sometimes you just have to rant in an unformatted format.

While kickboarding, I thought I should add some regular columns that could occur throughout the week and give the blog a bit more structure. I would not eliminate the online diary-type entries, because I still like to tell you stuff that has nothing to do with anything.

So here are some regular column ideas, in no particular order.

Modular Dressing A new how-to idea each time for getting the most out of your wardrobe by maximizing your minimalism! Don't just stand there. Accessorize! For a more in-depth read about my concept, click here.

Hidden Gems In New York, there really are no hidden gems, but I like to call them that anyway. My "finds" will include things and places in New York City I think are noteworthy.

Art in the Everyday Find the beauty on your daily walk! Look down, there could be a Greek Cup on the sidewalk. Stop on the street corner. Notice the beautiful fire call box that resembles the Goddess of Mercy. And more.

Musings from the Pool
I have many epiphanies while swimming, and I happen to do all of my designing there. If I need to figure out the construction of a new piece -- which seam sews to what and in what order-- I go swimming. While doing laps, I also come up with good recipes, what to cook for dinner, etc. So Musings will include designing, blogging and food. This blog entry, for example, came to me in the pool. How do you like my funny graphic?

On Bagels Let's face it, I love bagels and I have to talk about them. To me, the aroma of hot bagels is just as good as hot chocolate chip cookies. I may like bagels more. Oh and bialys too.

Something About Shopping That's a good catchall title, right? There is something about shopping, afterall. Can't seem to stop. Addicted to finding something new and inspiring.

Ok, that's my list so far. I may add more. We'll see.

9.05.06 I thought of a new column today!

Great Artists Live in Brooklyn Every design magazine, fashion magazine and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. And where do they live? Brooklyn! Hey wait. That's where I live too. gee

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the blog, illustrated, at last

I think I will go back and add photos to my posts today. The computer is back from the Russians. They did such a nice job! Funny kinks: my type is set a point size larger. I have to remember how to change that. And I can't quite get my web invoices to print yet. It wants to save the document first, and then preview it, and not print it. I think I might be able to figure that out too. But in the meantime, I will get on the 'illustrating the past blog posts' task first. In between cleaning as if company is coming over tonight. Now, to the pool.


i think i know the person that knows these people

They were the winners of the Apartment Therapy Smallest Coolest Apartments 2006. She apartment-sat for them and took care of their dog for a month.

They do have an amazing design sense, I have to say. The first photo in the slideshow is totally my style. Check out their place. They have a nice outdoor space it seems, but no art on the walls! They need some art. I would be happy to be their art consultant.

photo #11, from the apartment therapy slideshow

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clean like you have company coming over

Sometimes I need a false goal to get projects done. Like pretending like company is coming over to get the place clean. I think I might have to do that today...

Another beautiful summer day today!! The weather is perfect.

Update: it worked! I used my 15 minutes per room trick. Set the egg timer for 15 minutes and focus. Move from room to room. Then go back and finish. This way, if you don't get back to finish, you will have done enough to make it lovely, and cleaned the whole house without too much time-wasting. Maybe I should be a guest on Rachel Ray. She is looking for tips...

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wall sculpture for the bathroom

It's modular. It's waterproof. It's textured and seaweed-related and washable. What could be better? I got this for our bathroom from the Conran Shop this weekend. White on white. Very nice. In situ picture to follow. (now added) It goes so nicely with our coral towel hooks. Very pleased. The designers are Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. It's great that you can get as few as 6 pieces, at an affordable price.

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more press

hee hee!

Check this out
. From the Arizona Republic. My Bamboo Denim Jacket featured on the Daily Essential Style Pick for August 6, 2006. And with a direct shopping link too. I am getting press even on a Sunday. I don't mind this at all!


she's the queen of 30 minutes?

It seems that Rachel Ray has an egg-timer schtick. Maybe she's been reading my blog.

For some reason, I thought I could just waltz right in and see the taping tomorrow. I guess I could still try that and be on stand-by. They are only offering tickets for October, November and December right now. But I am free tomorrow! Here's how to get tickets, just in case you are interested too.

I have never been to a TV taping. Have you? Seems like an interesting yet strange thing to do. But I do rather like the idea. Maybe, as audience members, we will all get a Cuisinart or a set of Japanese Kyocera knives or a bunch of hors d'oeuvres to sample. Maybe I will go to Martha next. But I don't really think I would fit in, graphically, with the show's audience for the taping. I would probably have to wear a peach sweater-set. Or a sweater with a giant reindeer on it. And I don't really see that happening.

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blogging via satellite

Our computer is fixed! But I am not on it right now. I have grown accustomed to my husband's mouseless laptop. I have become speedy on this keyboard. He got a mouse for it on Saturday, but I couldn't figure out where to plug it in.

So here are a few more newsy bits: My dress is, in fact, heat wave-proof. Yes the heat did break and it was a beautiful day for my cousin's wedding yesterday, but the subway platform was another story. We took 2 subway lines to Grand Central, had nice pressed sandwiches and iced coffees at Zaro's, hopped on the Metro-North to New Rochelle, took a cab to the church, changed our of my flip flops and into my shoes in the cab and were there early. My dress was a hit. I really liked wearing it. It was wrinkle-proof too. Yup. A good design.

Hey, now that our computer is fixed, I can photograph it for you all to see. I will do that this week. But for now I am going to investigate how to get tickets to the Rachel Ray show that is taping right near my husband's office.

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in the home stretch

The winds were with me yesterday, and I can finally see the end of this mountain of work. I was able to bring 4 big orders to be shipped yesterday, and so today I only have 3 to go, and then I can go to my cousin's wedding this weekend with a clear conscience. In a way, I am kind of glad it was a heat wave this week, because I couldn't do anything but stay inside and work. No swims or walks or much exercise to speak of to distract me from my giant to-do list (Amazing what a little press will do! Thank you Style Bakery, Buss Buss and assorted bloggers!)

But the lack of exercise is not going to do much good for me in my dress on Sunday. Yikes. I am a little worried. I am going with the concept that no one will notice me; it's the Bride's day afterall. Right? Maybe I can lift my dumbells today or something. Or brave a walk. I don't know, the cool-off they promised seems still to be way too hot. I'll try it later.

So it is an egg timer morning for me. Hoping to get 3 done by noon. A pipe dream. But I have to set these unreasonable goals to light the fire under me. I'll be back later with more thoughts. I'm sure. It is nice to be back blogging again.




wire snarl

It is getting a bit ridiculous how many rechargeable things we own. There is even a wait at the power strip these days. Cell phones, laptops, batteries for the digital camera, etc., etc. all vying for space. Question to you: How many electronic gizmos do you have to recharge? What are your solutions, short of getting rid of them?

If I were to seek out a Martha-type of aesthetic [as illustrated in the link], I might buy a lovely wicker basket to organize all of my rechargeable adaptors. I heard a talk once from an aspiring inventor who insisted upon hiding electronic gizmos to create a 'period' seemless look for her home. She invented a box, yes a box, to hide all the wires. The box was uglier than the computer wires.

I say, they are simply electronics. Let them be and gather dust as they will.



benevolent fire box: comparison #3

Another similarity: the boxy shape of the head. What am I talking about? Read this first and then this.

Fire box detail, Brooklyn, left. Eleven-headed Kannon detail, Tokko-san Fumon-in, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, right. (note: this temple somehow relates to the human genome project... neat!)

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more recipe basics

roasted red pepper yogurt dip

15 oz roasted red peppers, packed in water, drained (about 2 cups)
1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup basil, fresh
crushed garlic, to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Serve over roasted eggplant steaks, or with warmed pita and fresh vegetable crudite (such as baby carrots, cucumber, jicama, roasted broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, etc.)

note: I had to pirate the "recipe help" image from the one that is already online. Weirdly, it creates a very digitzed yucky version. When the Russians are done fixing our computer, I will go back and fix this.

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heat rant

It's not going to be this hot forever, so I might as well complain about it now. I have not worn a nice outfit in forever because it would just get ruined on the subway platform. I am sick of wearing ugly drawstring clothes. I need a facial. This weather is wreaking havoc on my pores. I have been trapped inside in the air conditioning for days and I really want to go out and take a nice long walk. I have an air conditioning headache. But the air is so bad outside that I get a different headache when I go out. Walking to the post office is like walking in Las Vegas on the strip. Gross. I hate Las Vegas. The lines at the post office are still too long. What are people doing out in this weather? Go home. I need to mail stuff.


10 things to do to stay cool that won't cost you too much

When the news teased this story last night, I tuned in. Of course, I was disappointed. No good tips of note. Here is some of their list, with my comments.

1. NEWS: Don't run the dishwasher until late at night. It creates a lot of heat.
ME: I don't have a dishwasher.

2. NEWS: You don't have to use your burners to cook. Use the microwave.
ME: I don't have a microwave.

3. NEWS: Replace all incandescent bulbs with flourescent ones.
ME: Nope, too ugly.

I can't remember the rest, but they were in a similar vein. They did not mention any of mine: make coffee iced cubes, make iced tea, make a watermelon mint drink, turn off the TV -- it gives off too much useless hot air, and things of that nature.


word of the day

concatenation \kon-kat-uh-NAY-shuhn; kuhn-\, noun:
A series of links united; a series or order of things depending on each other, as if linked together; a chain, a succession.

Use this word when talking to your programmer. Say things like, "It's not concat." He'll be impressed. Do you dictionary.com? I do.



dollar store delights

When I read on decor8 that guest writer Anh-Minh Le was researching a piece on dollar store shopping, I had to chime in. Greenpoint in Brooklyn (my neighborhood) is dollar store haven! When we first moved in, it was so great to get needed supplies for mere dollars: fancy bathmats, decorative tissue boxes, plush hand towels, over-the-door hooks, a full length mirror and ironing board (not a dollar, but cheap I'll tell you), bamboo placemats, candles, batteries, Pringles, Goya beans (2 for $1), Polish cookies, tennis socks, etc. Not to mention all the things I pass up because I don't want to be carting stuff home all the time and ruining my minimalist decor... I like the browsing. And I do buy my black beans and chick peas exclusively at the dollar stores. And Poland Spring bottled water is 3 for $1!

Anh-Minh just sent me an email today, letting me know that the San Francisco Chronicle bought her piece, and my quotes were included. Way to go Anh-Minh! Here' s a link to the full piece.

Dollar-store devotees know that it is important to shop around (not all stores are created equal) and shop often (inventory is always changing). Fashion designer Elaine Perlov's Brooklyn neighborhood boasts more than 10 dollar stores, so she shops at them "every few days," she says. Perlov is a regular at three major dollar stores, "getting lots of goodies to mix with other more fancy items."

And here is a link to Anh-Minh's own site.

I love the photo above from the article. I would love to find those tea cannisters at my local. I love her kitchen! Cute top too.

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new dress, heat wave-proof

My cousin is getting married this Sunday, in New Rochelle (home of Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, you know the place). Today it is 100 degrees in the shade in NYC. Tomorrow it will be 101. Thursday it will be 99. Yesterday was 99. You would think that the heat will break just in time for their nuptuals to be a lovely cool and breezy affair on Long Island Sound.

But I am not taking any chances. I whipped up a dress in stretch mesh a few weeks ago, because stretch mesh is breathable and mostly holes. So if I sweat to death, I will still look lovely. I hope. That is the theory that is... Ideally I would show you a picture, but as I said, the computer had a melt-down, and I am using the part of it that works right now -- the Internet connection -- to bring you the latest news from the fashion front, albeit pictureless.

Let me at least describe to you my new heat wave-proof dress, with a few links. First of all, I made it in my favorite fabric: the black and white Windows Print. I love love love this fabric. It is my signature. Along with grassy green, camouflage, and whatever I next deem my signature (which I do a lot, by the way, in case you haven't been reading all along.) And the cut is very flattering too, especially if you happen to not be so tall, like me. An empire waist, where the top is based on the Geisha Top, but with a 3" band at empire waist, and an A-line skirt that comes mid-calf. The Windows Print is bold and lovely only on the front, top (exactly where the Geisha print is in the Geisha Top). On the back and on the skirt, it is overlayed with sheerish black mesh, muting the active print. Shibui.

What accessories will I wear, you ask? These shoes. And my favorite Lucky Moon Necklace in red, with a new sterling silver chain, some cool clear lucite bangle bracelets with pearls and sparkly mini stones embedded, and my pencil-case / receipt envelope whatever it is "clutch bag" to echo the grid pattern in the dress and complete the ensemble. Delightful and unique. And can it withstand waiting for the train to New Rochelle on the Grand Central platform? I will let you know. I think it can.

You will be able to see different versions of this flattering dress in our upcoming Fall 2006 Collection.


2006 on the rise! awards

The good news: I won!

I won, I won, I won!!!

Check out stylebakery.com today. The results were just announced, and I was voted the hottest emerging fashion designer by Style Bakery readers!!!! More than 2000 people voted.

Thank you and thank you!!! I am very honored and excited.


back to blogging, mostly

July was a scorcher of a month, and sadly, my computer couldn't really take the heat. It had a little melt-down, poor thing, so I was forced to blog via satellite. At the Brooklyn Public Library (30 minute limit, Dell flat screen, very nice computer but noisy with all those kids on summer vacation), at my downstair's neighbors (another Dell, 15" monitor, nice action on the keyboard, very air-conditioned, cushy chair, all the cold drinks I could ask for) and at night on my husband's laptop (extra-wide screen, mouseless but I got used to that, but late hours and end-of-the-day blogging made for an uninspired me...)

So now, I am at my good old computer, a lot of which works, and a lot of which doesn't. For example, it cannot locate the printer. The copy and paste does not work. I cannot access my Outlook account, so I am still working from Webmail. Good, but I cannot email my mailing list anything! So sosososo sad. I have so much to say. Maybe you will read my now updated blog to find out the good news. Maybe you will email me, so I can copy your address into my Webmail interface. Please email me. That would be nice.

With that business cleared up, I will now restart the official blogging. I haven't checked Photoshop yet. I doubt that will be working though. You will just have to content yourself with a bunch of words for now.