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are you a fonts enthusiast? a typophile?
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find the beauty on your daily walk! take time to notice the details of your landscape.
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there is nothing like seeing a great handbag in action.
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plastics are our future. how can you resist plastic? it is so shiny and pleasing. I have a penchant for plastics.
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chronicling my quest for the one true
Greek Cup
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have you ever noticed the similarity between nyc fire call boxes and benevolent Kannon, goddess of mercy?
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every design, fashion and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. and where do they live? brooklyn!
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who says there are no more 'new ideas' in art and design? the newness is in the juxtaposition.
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this is how I really get things done. with my little green co-worker/task-master.
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my clothing & accessories design
east-meets-west minimalism

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the look
dressy utilitarian

my concept
useful, economical, modular pieces that can be mix-matched in numerous ways (because why can't fashion be useful and lasting? I think it can!) So I say Maximize your Minimalism!

Satin Karate Belt featured in Dec 06 Real Simple

Voted Best Designer 2006 Style Bakery
'On the Rise'

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furniture (especially chairs from the 50s and 60s), uniforms, repeating patterns, menswear, Oscar Niemeyer, traditional Japanese architecture, the Rimpa School and Ogata Korin's 8-Point Bridge, Matisse, bromeliads, succulents and other waxy flora

particular loves
bamboo, coral, moss, woodgrain, silhouettes & other cut-outs, plastic, low-resolution images, the photo copier, off-registration prints, Max Ernst's Lunar Asparagus, NYC fire call boxes that look like Kannon, Fauvist color sense, the Noguchi Museum, pretty much all of Abstract Expressionism

magazines of current interest
Domino, Elle Decor (British), ARTnews, Art in America, Wallpaper

favorite heel style
the wedge, but a sleek modern interpretation

second favorite
the stiletto

current shoe obsession
alas, the sneaker. (because I live in nyc and walk a ton!) but not too sneakery of a sneaker. more of a sneaker disguised as a shoe, like a mary jane style or a high-tech looking black one with a metallic accent. how about Royal Elastics? I must go try some on. I really like the non-sneakeryness of their styles.





domino's untimely demise

How can this be?????????????????????????????????????????????

Domino magazine is closing. I am sad. Very sad. I have every issue, including the very first.




my designer closet

How cute is this? A BCBG dress for only $42? Yes, and there is more where that came from on My Designer Closet, a shopping site which specializes in selling and consigning new and pre-owned designer clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry -- all at a nice price, I might add. Like this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress for $40, and this Marni Gold Trench for $90. Hurry and shop because there is only one of each piece in a specific size. This site could be your Cinderella story.

Please note: My Designer Closet is currently having a BLOWOUT SALE, with huge discounts up to 90% off retail. According to owner, Renee, "I am trying to make some room in my closet for new items that will arrive very soon."

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obama on every screen



After I watched President Obama's Inaugural Address yesterday, I knew I had to run to Times Square to feel the pulse of the street and be amongst the crowds. It was rather electric -- and I'm not just talking about the larger-than-life screens and blinking lights. Take a look.

CBS News

ABC News

The WPIX News Truck

This woman lifts her Obama Mask for a moment to snap a photo of the action.

Obama Merchandise. Calendars, buttons, and more. Everything $2.



matcha almond sponge cake

Check out this delicious recipe from Cannelle et Vanille. Matcha Almond Sponge Cake. I think I want to try this. Or some form of this. Using this baking pan. Yes indeed. I can cut one layer in the middle and add the ganache and the lemon buttercream. It seems rather complicated. I am a bit doubtful that I will go through with this. Well, at least a girl can dream...

Matcha Almond Sponge Cake

Makes 3 1/4-sheetpan sheets

160 grams almond flour
110 grams sugar
40 grams flour
15 grams matcha green tea powder
4 eggs
4 egg whites
55 grams sugar
30 grams unsalted butter, melted and cooled

In the bowl of an electric mixer combine the first five ingredients. Whip in high speed for about 5 minutes until it becomes thick and the batter forms a ribbon. Transfer this batter to a large bowl and clean the mixer bowl.

In the electric mixer, whip the egg whites until it starts to form a meringue. Slowly sprinkle the 55 grams of sugar. Continue whipping until a stiff meringue forms.

Fold a third of the meringue into the almond batter. Add the rest of the meringue and fold carefully not to deflate it too much. Add the melted and cooled butter and fold until it is well incorporated.

Divide the batter equally into the 3 quarter sheetpans that we have previously lined with parchment paper and sprayed with pan spray.

Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 10-12 minutes until it starts to turn a little brown. We don't want a brown cake. We want to keep the green color so remove the pans from the oven when the cake is baked and before it starts to change color. Let the cakes cool until we are ready to assemble the opera.

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just to clarify, chinese new year is january 26

I woke up this morning with a start. "I'm off to do some laundry!" My husband was already outfitted in two coats and a knit hat. "Hey, wait for me!" I lept out of bed and into a headscarf and some laundry-doing outfit. It was already snowing. Oh great. We got there at 7:45 AM. Most washers were already taken. Our Brooklyn neighborhood gets up inexplicably early on a Sunday to do laundry. I don't get it. Back at home (during the wash cycle), I was flipping channels and caught the tail end of a Chinese New Year's dragon on some news story. So all day long I have been thinking it is Chinese New Year's today and have felt like a loser that I have no gumption (due to the snow) to go to Chinatown and celebrate. I mean, what have I become? Letting the weather stop me? I am old.

And then I looked up Chinese New Year on Google just now, and was relieved to find that it is actually on Monday, January 26. Hooray. Another chance to start the Chinese New Year right. I wonder what the Year of the Ox holds for a Rooster like me?

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sylvia heisel

I became internet friends with NYC designer Sylvia Heisel a few years ago. She keeps me up to date on her collections, so I thought I would pass along the information to you. I think you will like her designs. Browse her site here. To learn about the inspiration behind the above collection, click here.

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i ask myself this everyday, is it really ok? i am not so sure.

Here is the latest product from a design site I discovered last month called the Curiosity Shoppe. You know, the Potato Chip Necklace vendor? Yes, that's the one. This time, I found IT'S OK. A handcut wood sculpture by Sighn, available in bamboo, mahogany, or walnut. Limited edition of one million. Measures 2.5" x 3" x .375". The good news is: proceeds from the sales of these pieces go to the Arbor Day Foundation. Every piece plants one tree!

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the confusing concept of celebrity

Oh, I had one more thing to mention. What was with all the "no necklaces" at the Golden Globes this past Sunday? Was that really in honor of today's economic climate? Please. I guess their designer gowns and gigantic, expensive, dangly earrings were supposed to symbolize restraint. Or something.

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back to blogging, tomorrow

Let's see what Deb is doing over at Your Destiny is Stone Golden, shall we? Yup, she is blogging, just as I thought. Hey, I saw that Marimekko dish towel this weekend in Williamsburg. Well, I'll be back tomorrow with a post or two. I think.

I want to get a bumper sticker that says, "My Other Blog is a (Jaguar equivalent of a blog)." Or a more catchy version of that sentence... As I think I might have mentioned, I write another blog, which is taking all of my good ideas lately.





There are so many things I want to talk about with you. New pizza places that have opened recently, new chocolate truffle stores hidden in banks, the cool tour we took of the New York Public Library, the new season of Flight of the Conchords, Eugene Mirman performing next week, a new cool design Website I found, the Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton joint venture that launches tonight. But it is all going to have to wait until I get my thoughts organized. Okay, I feel better now. At least I got it out in some form.




pop art sneakers, as they are called

Why don't they make these for women? Or do they? I rather like these Lo Pop Art Sneakers by Puma. Very Roy Lichtenstein-ian.

Wait a minute. There seems to be another version of these sneakers out there. I think I like these better. And correction, they are called, "Pop Art 917 Lo." I can't figure out, though, if Roy Lichtenstein had anything (actively) to do with this design. I'll keep looking.

Found it. No, he didn't. They are by designer, Eba Akamatsu. See yet another version here.

And the full story from Puma, and another version in red/black/white here.

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happy new year!

Okay, I am officially back from my blog vacation, albeit one day late. I thought I would post some things yesterday, but I was busy blogging elsewhere. Yes it is true.

Hope you all had Happy Holidays and a good rest. I, for one, ate a lot of cookies that my Mom made. Now I am contemplating taking various exercise classes at the gym. You know, the usual. I made some other resolutions too. Like 'be more generous' and 'face my fears' although I think I might be too afraid to do the latter. What are yours? Feel free to share.

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