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are you a fonts enthusiast? a typophile?
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find the beauty on your daily walk! take time to notice the details of your landscape.
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there is nothing like seeing a great handbag in action.
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plastics are our future. how can you resist plastic? it is so shiny and pleasing. I have a penchant for plastics.
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chronicling my quest for the one true
Greek Cup
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have you ever noticed the similarity between nyc fire call boxes and benevolent Kannon, goddess of mercy?
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every design, fashion and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. and where do they live? brooklyn!
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who says there are no more 'new ideas' in art and design? the newness is in the juxtaposition.
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this is how I really get things done. with my little green co-worker/task-master.
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my clothing & accessories design
east-meets-west minimalism

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the look
dressy utilitarian

my concept
useful, economical, modular pieces that can be mix-matched in numerous ways (because why can't fashion be useful and lasting? I think it can!) So I say Maximize your Minimalism!

Satin Karate Belt featured in Dec 06 Real Simple

Voted Best Designer 2006 Style Bakery
'On the Rise'

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furniture (especially chairs from the 50s and 60s), uniforms, repeating patterns, menswear, Oscar Niemeyer, traditional Japanese architecture, the Rimpa School and Ogata Korin's 8-Point Bridge, Matisse, bromeliads, succulents and other waxy flora

particular loves
bamboo, coral, moss, woodgrain, silhouettes & other cut-outs, plastic, low-resolution images, the photo copier, off-registration prints, Max Ernst's Lunar Asparagus, NYC fire call boxes that look like Kannon, Fauvist color sense, the Noguchi Museum, pretty much all of Abstract Expressionism

magazines of current interest
Domino, Elle Decor (British), ARTnews, Art in America, Wallpaper

favorite heel style
the wedge, but a sleek modern interpretation

second favorite
the stiletto

current shoe obsession
alas, the sneaker. (because I live in nyc and walk a ton!) but not too sneakery of a sneaker. more of a sneaker disguised as a shoe, like a mary jane style or a high-tech looking black one with a metallic accent. how about Royal Elastics? I must go try some on. I really like the non-sneakeryness of their styles.





do your holiday shopping in style. indie style.

[click image to enlarge]

Get thee to the Winter Market at Public Assembly in Williamsburg on December 6. Because indie style is the only thing that's stylish these days. As you know, I heart indie designers, indie boutiques, and any indie venture in general. Being an indie designer isn't the only reason, but it is certainly one of them. I just feel better supporting an individual who is trying to make their dreams come true. When you support them (i.e., purchase), it means something more to them. The fact that it means "something" is enough for me. I don't know if I am expressing myself accurately here; but basically, it is not as much fun to buy from a place where the salespeople could care less about you, or are rude, or have no connection to the product. If there is no human connection, what is the point. I think the point is to make a human connection wherever you can. Because that is what matters. Support this event. It looks to be a good one.

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my quest for the golden paddle

I was cordially invited to play in the Alloy Digital 2009 Ping Pong Classic at SPiN New York last night, and oh what a time it was! I ate a lot of flavored popcorn and improved aspects of my game by taking two giant steps back from the table (so that's why my returns kept flying all over the place!) and definitely improved my slice. I think I probably maybe even could advance to the second round next year. I lost 21-19 to Arthur, a ringer brought in from the outside. So close!!!! And I was down 18-9. But he was a gentleman and a great opponent. Very much fun was had by me. I think I should try out my snazzy new SPiN moves at Bryant Park tomorrow.

SPiN New York is a membership-based subterranean ping pong club on 23rd Street and Park Avenue, complete with full bar and full menu of sandwiches, burgers, popcorn, salads, ice cream sandwiches and ice pops, because really, what more victuals do you need when you're working up a sweat at the tables?

I didn't win the golden paddle, but I did come away with logo sweatbands commemorating the event, a matching Bjorn Borg-style headband, and a foam finger!! I am (unironically) truly excited about the foam finger. Do you know how much fun it is to walk through the subway waving your giant yellow foam finger, cheering yourself on while people can't help but stare? I think I want to wear my foam finger all the time. Especially while commuting.

And another high point: I met Judah Friedlander!!!!! I'm not going to describe him as 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander, because he's been in other things too. Like American Splendor. Here's how it went down. Me: "I'm sorry to say that we're going to have to bump you... We're playing the first round of a tournament on this table... And yes, I did just take photos of you, and yes I am going to blog about you. Sorry to be so goofy, but my husband and I are big fans of yours." And he was so nice. We got into a conversation. We chatted. It was pretty darn awesome. Ping pong people are good people.

The set-up at SPiN is pretty sweet.
A bucket of balls at every table with ball boys all around.

You never had to chase a ball! So this is how the other half lives.

Parmesan, parseley and Maldon salt popcorn in between points.

This match was a great one! I should have taken a video instead.

Foam fingers!

The Finals match was a fight to the finish. Amazingly long points.
Crazy fast returns.

Judah Friedlander!!

Judah Friedlander!!!

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the apres-skating scene

My favorite hidden gem: Lovin' Eat artisan sandwich cookies.
No I haven't tried one yet, but I am pretty certain they are delicious.
Pictured l-r, carrot cheesecake, chocolate white choco chip with pe
anut butter filling (!!!),
and cookie sandwich filled with creamy strawberry mousse

Prices, fyi

Just in case you've worked up an appetite after skating at the Pond at Bryant Park, you can check out some treats at the Holiday Shops. There are certainly more food vendors than ever before, which is of course a good thing. Pictured here are just a few food highlights. There are more than what I photographed, so do stroll around yourself.

Jewelry and smelly soap highlig
hts to follow. I love smelly soaps.

Very fluffy cookies from Choco Loco

Turkish Spinach crepe-like Gözleme from Eat-n-Go, $6
a great lunch or take-home treat

Eat-n-Go's price list

Japanese Tako Yaki (octopus!)
6 pieces/$5 from Yummy Bites
I don't think they are authentic Japanese like
the ones in the East Village (Otafuku), but perhaps worth a try.

The chocolate king, Max Brenner, with a very slick booth.
Lots of ideal gifty-type things. And thankfully, they do
have the Chocolate Syringe. 4 bucks.

And the other good news is the Southwest Porch has
been winterized with heat lamps. So you can stop by for
a drink and comf
y seat.

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everyone loves a free lunch

Especially me. So forgive me for not posting this until I returned from Chop't with my free salad, but I found out about this offer just minutes before the start time of 11:30am. They'll be serving until 1:30 today, or until the food runs out, at their newest location on Broadway in Midtown: 1460 Broadway (btwn 41st & 42nd Streets). No limits on toppings. Very very nice.

I got my usual, mesclun with tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, broccoli, smoked tofu with dijon vinaigrette. I added artichokes, since they were offering. Why not. Will have pics in a moment. The line is kinda long now.

The line @ 11:30. I'm in!

The line when I left (11:45). Wow. Big difference.

The Chop't choppers

The mezza luna decor.

My salad is almost next on the chopping block. Mmmm smoked tofu.

My salad in motion.

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ice skating at bryant park!

Attention all you ice skating enthusiasts! The Pond at Bryant Park is open again, and the ice is glorious. I skated Monday (November 9) in the 70 degree weather, and pretty much giggled with joy the whole time.

I feel it is my duty to pass along my research, so I hope you will click

my step-by-step guide to truly free ice skating at Bryant Park. (Note: last year's post, so last year's prices). Pics to follow after I skate! I have my camera today, and although they prohibit photography on the ice, I will attempt to sneak some for you. Shhh.

Here they are. It was a crazy crowded scene today due to Veteran's Day. Wall-to-wall kids off from school. Oh yeah. I think I'll come back tomorrow.

The hut.

This gives you an idea of the size of the lockers.

Crowded ice.


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now it's back, phew

It's back! Major relief. I just went into the MS DOS portion of the computer and pinged my site! And it came back or something. I have no idea. I did what tech support told me to do. Pretty fun! I am going to write it down, in case it ever happens again. So cool!


yikes, where's my website?

My Website is not there, at the moment. Um, fear not, I will get to the bottom of this. I hope!!



red book dialogues at the rma

I am kind of interested in this Red Book Dialogue at the RMA. John Adams. More opportunities for learning. Why not. Here's an excerpt from his opera, Nixon in China. And here's his Website.

Many of the dialogues are sold out at the Rubin, but there are still plenty available. The first dialogue with Bob Thurman was very rewarding, so I am kind of interested in going to another.



shoes are having an identity crisis

I am getting a little bored of the identity crisis shoes are having these days. I mean, just be a boot, an evening shoe or a sandal. I admit that these by Jerome Rousseau are rather fetching, but it confuses me how to wear them. And in what season. It was an interesting experiment, but stop riffing already.

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mongolian yurt paintings

Aren't these paintings beautiful? You can decorate your yurt with them. Yes, I said yurt. I found them on a Website called GroovyYurts.com of all places. A yurt is a traditional tent-like structure for Mongolian nomads. I am reading the autobiography of the Dalai Lama, Freedom in Exile, right now and I guess I find these images to be related.