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plastics are our future. how can you resist plastic? it is so shiny and pleasing. I have a penchant for plastics.
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have you ever noticed the similarity between nyc fire call boxes and benevolent Kannon, goddess of mercy?
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every design, fashion and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. and where do they live? brooklyn!
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who says there are no more 'new ideas' in art and design? the newness is in the juxtaposition.
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useful, economical, modular pieces that can be mix-matched in numerous ways (because why can't fashion be useful and lasting? I think it can!) So I say Maximize your Minimalism!

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bamboo, coral, moss, woodgrain, silhouettes & other cut-outs, plastic, low-resolution images, the photo copier, off-registration prints, Max Ernst's Lunar Asparagus, NYC fire call boxes that look like Kannon, Fauvist color sense, the Noguchi Museum, pretty much all of Abstract Expressionism

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Domino, Elle Decor (British), ARTnews, Art in America, Wallpaper

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the wedge, but a sleek modern interpretation

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the stiletto

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alas, the sneaker. (because I live in nyc and walk a ton!) but not too sneakery of a sneaker. more of a sneaker disguised as a shoe, like a mary jane style or a high-tech looking black one with a metallic accent. how about Royal Elastics? I must go try some on. I really like the non-sneakeryness of their styles.





double toast

There is much debate about whether the use of well-placed mirrors will double your prosperity according to Feng Shui principles. A contested theory: place a mirror behind the burners on your stove and you have double rice (double riches). Whenever I move into a new aparment, one of the first things I set up is my toaster mirror and little hanging Buddha. Just in case the mirrors do work, I have double toast! Personally, I feel luckier and wealthier.

And in an unrelated story, I promised to show you more works of the venerable Bede Murphy that hang in my apartment. Here is one reflected in the toaster mirror. This painting is even nicer when viewed directly. Hee.

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outfit refresher

Do you have thoughts of Spring yet? If you are not quite ready to think Spring! and build your new wardrobe, try this handy-dandy idea for refreshing pieces you already own: layer a fitted short sleeve t-shirt over a button-down shirt. I have been wearing a black tee over an optical print black & white button-down to good effect of late. Try it! I'll bet you have both pieces in your wardrobe already. It may become your new transitional uniform!



sale product highlight

If you are in need or want of a great pinstripe wrap skirt, this one has had great interest this past week, and we are now almost sold out. I highlight this for you now, in case it has your name all over it. Just click to shop, and while you're at it, check out more SALE items here (2 pages). And use the online Promo Code below for any other non-sale pieces that might find their way into your online "shopping bag."

, black satin pinstripe, silver Dynasty medallion silk screen, ON SALE $62


promo code

I am glad to see that you are using the Promo Code! The top 2 sellers this week have been the Geisha Top and Silk Obi Sash. Keep your orders coming! That Promo Code again? Click on this entry below. Good through March 3.


color trends 2006

Brown for Spring! Good. I'm right on that. Just look at home decor this season to see what will be popular in fashion. It seems brown with be combined with every bright color: yellow, orange, fuchsia, chartreuse, blue, you name it. That is one major trend for Spring I see happening. There are more trends and predictions, but I will save those for other entries. But I have to give you one hint: skirts with movement, especially pleats!
[image: quilter.com]




birthday countdown

My birthday is fast approaching, and I think I need to start my fitness countdown. Do you do this or is it only me -- workout like a nut to get in shape for your birthday? I do it every year. Well not when I was 5, but in my post-college life for sure.

So I pledge to do the following:

Walk 10,000 steps per day*, but any overages on one day count against any shortcomings for another, within that same week. (You have to set up strict rules for these birthday countdowns because some might take advantage and slack off or forget they were even interested in doing a birthday countdown and instead eat a cookie for lunch.) Yesterday at least, I walked 16,306 steps. But I did have a biscotti. I think it all worked out in the end though.

*I have a step counter. Yes I have an egg-timer too. Yes I like to quantify. I count; therefore, I am or whatever.

I also pledge to use one AWAY Y privilege per week, just to get out of the neighborhood and swim in a larger pool. (see bullet point #5 below) Included in this pledge is to swim 5 days a week (which I already do anyway to keep my sanity) and take 1 class a week (which I already do too: A.B.T. with Amanda) but probably add a second. For example, the McBurney Y on 14th St offers a class called "McBurn It!" I love that name. I could try that one this week and combine my swim, AWAY field trip, and extra class pledges all in one! I pledge to do that then.

I also pledge to cut down on trips to a lovely cafe near me. Or at least I will have a biscotti instead of a giant cookie. How's that? We'll see how that works. Maybe just a cappucino.

I don't have much time. Ugh.

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living in nyc

Living in New York City is not as expensive as you think. I would like to share with you some prices from my routine purchases, so as to encourage anyone who wants to move here, but fears becoming a pauper in the streets. Food is so much cheaper here (compared to Boston, that is), and it is totally possible to have maximum fun and indulgence on a very modest budget. Hey, that is the very nugget of what my blog is about! You can have luxury in your life, but you don't have to carry a balance on your credit card to do it. gee. (And of course, that luxury includes buying a piece or 2 from me. hee) If you want more info as to where exactly to find these things, just comment on this entry. I will tell you!
  • First the basics: a trip to the Associated (local supermarket) for a Quart of Milk, One Dozen Extra Large Eggs, 2 cakes of fresh Tofu = $3.53 (but if you want to talk serious tofu, I know a place in Chinatown where you can get 6 homemade cakes for only $1.)
  • 100 Napkins, 2 cans of black beans, 1 package of fresh corn tortillas, 1 very large zucchini, 1 avocado, 2 vine ripe tomatoes = $5.40
  • Snacks at street vendors when I am desperately hungry: 1 banana = 25 cents, a bag of candy coated hot peanuts = $1, knish = $1.50, hot pretzel = $1.50 - $2
  • 9 pieces of salmon/avocado sushi to-go (pre-packed for faster eating) = $4.50
  • Y membership = $35/month and up, depending upon which Y, but you can use any Y in all the boroughs 6x's per year for free! makes for exciting field trips
  • Indian dinner buffet (we found a dinner buffet!) = $9
  • Noodles with veggies on the street in Chinatown = $1
  • a pint of Guinness with a proper pour (I lived in Boston for 14 years and I am very discerning about my Guinness) = $5
  • 1 happy hour lychee martini in Manhattan (price good until 10pm!) = $4
  • Small Coffee = 50 cents !!!
  • a 4-lb bag of jasmine rice = $2.49
  • a box of mesclun greens (enough for a giant salad for 4) = $2.49
  • a giant felafel sandwich with delicious pickles and hot sauce and lots of tahini = $2.50
  • a fancy gourmet store giant sandwich loaded with grilled veggies, buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomato pesto on a sourdough baguette = $4.95

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what is with the 'donate' button?

What is with the donate button on blogs? If you are going to blog and give out information, why would you then ask for money for something that you are giving away in the first place. Sorry for all the italics. I know it is not good writing, but I am irked. The donate button to me is like the passive-aggressive tip cup at the counter at Starbucks. You are so put upon for having to do this dead end blog. You are not being properly paid for your time. Obviously you are oppressed by your oppressors. What's that? You are self-oppressed? Being self-employed, I find this particularly annoying. Should I put up a donate button on elaineperlov.com?

I thought the whole point of blogging was self-created self-expression. Information about topics you feel passionate about. Special talents you may have that you want to share. That's why I do it. That is why I run my company. I don't bring a tip cup to trade shows when I show my line. So just give, give up your whiney mind-set, and feel good about giving. It will make you feel better! That is my 2 cents. This is the entry that sparked this entry.



shopping in nolita

While a PDF and a strange sounding URL, this is a good map to assist you on your shopping trips to NoLita. (that is: North of Little Italy, home of many a tony boutique and posh eatery, NYC) I don't know about you, but I am printing this out right now. (right: a tiny picture of Sigerson Morrison, the museum of shoes and bags)




in the studio

Yes I am poised to do too many things as usual. Can a person give herself A.D.D.? No I doubt it too. But the timer sure works! Above, the timer in situ as I raced to get a few orders shipped the other day. Another happy egg-timer-adopter wrote to me yesterday. I was so pleased! I must excerpt some of her e-mail here. She is a designer from England! (name withheld because this is a very discreet blog with lots of manners afterall)

"Just wanted to say how much I love your designs and that I have been putting your egg-timer time management strategy into action, to great effect. I wrote an article today that I'd been putting off for yonks, as I 'rewarded' myself with a fresh cuppa after a half-hours toil- I can't go any longer than a half hour, I'll have to think of some other rewards or I'll be completely wired."

Needless to say, I am very pleased. I like this blogging stuff.

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a note on the new sidebar

Last night I was having fun with Photoshop, teaching myself a few more things. I pride myself in doing everything I need to do with the Smudge Tool. But I figured, why be so minimalist? I guess I am in an expansive mood. I had fun with the Paint Bucket and also learned to select Color Range and figure out if Fuzziness needs to be increased or decreased to get the job done. Ah Photoshop, how inscrutible your word choice can be.

I made the new sidebars (look left and scroll down: roses, Chinese flowers, sushi grass) borrowing from my own silk screen artwork. (see T-SHIRTS) I wanted to make them look like Japanese carved wood transoms. Below is a reference photo. Click through this slideshow to see what I was going for. I think they turned out nicely.




while i'm on the topic...

I am thinking a lot about dinner parties and table designs lately. I want to make a chocolate brown linen tablecloth to go with my new green candlestick and a few other accessories. I like to layer at the table, combining placemats and tablecloths and coasters in various combos. Butcher paper makes a good layer too. It is so bistro-chic, and it is disposable. You can use white or brown depending on your color palette. And then there are all the great paper napkin designs there are to choose from, especially those at IKEA. I have a bit of a cocktail napkin collecting problem actually. This is just some of my collection...

For Spring I like to show some bare table and use a combination of smaller table linens, runners and sheer placemats. I know it sounds weirdly like clothing design, but hey, I am a fashion designer after all.

So anyway, my suggestions for a striking table are the same as for a stand-out personal style: choose modular versatile pieces and layer layer layer. You can create a unique table and a unique you. It's all in the mix! And it is so much fun to keep changing up the elements when you are wanting a little something new and fabulous. And it doesn't have to cost a lot.

Below are some are table linens I made (like the white and grey runner and the green striped coasters); some are single napkins I purchased (from fancy design stores like Bliss and Lekker in Boston) and pressed flat; one is a bamboo window shade I cut to size for a table mat. For a sushi party one Spring I grew small pots of grass to complement the bamboo mat and arranged votives in soy sauce dishes.

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food blogs

Ok, I love all three of these blogs. The photos are so so beautiful! And yes, I will try to make the miso cod!



more recipes

Last night's "sauce" was a great success. I totally recommend it! It would be very delicious on grilled fish, I would imagine. Mmmm. I changed the recipe a bit. I added Sriracha hot chili sauce, garlic, and one scallion to the cilantro, vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil. I took a photo too. For tonight I am planning to use aged brown basmati rice that my mom gave me (first time to try it, excited!), along with broccoli and tofu marinated in Indian spices and roasted in the oven, yogurt-coriander dressing and some mesclun greens. I came across this link for veggie entrees on the Everyday Food website. There are many! I'm sure I can find one for night 3 in-a-row tomorrow.

If you don't think I am inspired by Julie, you are wrong. I am. I am up to this entry in her blog and am getting a bit grossed out by all the meat and cream. But I like reading about the progression. Maybe I could make my way through Didi Emmons' Vegetarian Planet ? No. Too much butter. Anyway, I like to look at a recipe, close the book, and start cooking in my own direction. If you would like to see some beautiful photos of food, check out this blog, called Chubby Hubby. Below, my cilantro sauce.

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recipe help

Do you need recipe help? I do. I can't seem to cook consistently. I have dishes I cook. I just can't keep it up for more than 2 nights in a row. Send healthy recipes my way! Luckily for tonight I have an idea. I plan to use this sauce on Everyday Food tonight in some fashion. It will involve tofu, broccoli, zucchini, and spaghetti, transformed in the last second by the "Asian" sauce. Why did they choose that title? There are individual countries in Asia, afterall. Sheesh. Anyway, this week I am going for an all-time record. Three nights in a row! Can I do it? Yes, I doubt it too...



happy one year e-shopping anniversary!

Yes it is true! It is our One Year Anniversary for full e-commerce custom online shopping on elaineperlov.com! To commemorate this milestone, I give you this Promo Code for 10% off your web purchases!! Use this code at checkout: SHOP1year. And if you forget the code, just return to this post! This offer is valid through March 3, 2006.

Hooray, and Happy One-Year Online Shopping to all!


reading corner

I like to think of interior design as I do my clothing design: modular sculptural options that complement each other in a mix-match sort of way. I like to have a lot of options to change arrangments in the home, just as I do my outfits. I love this reading area because it gets great sun for most of the afternoon. I change the arrangements on the table and the pillow combos every so often. Pictured above, the window sheers, lampshade, pillows and cushions for the chair are some pieces I have made. When I found this chair and matching lamp, they were both in need of repair. But the curved wood on both pieces captivated me. And they matched!

I had the lamp rewired at my local hardware store (very inexpensive to have done, and sometimes free!) and then made a new wire frame and fuschia silk shade to complement the fabrics for the chair. And for the chair, I had to redo the webbing on the seat, and then made the seat cushion with high-density foam I had custom-cut. I decided to keep the finish on the wood as is. The vintage fabric decorated with sculptures, I found at Brimfield for a song. If you live anywhere near central Massachusetts, you must go to Brimfield sometime. There are 2 miles of dealers and they love to bargain. You can find pieces for great prices, no matter what your personal style. Here is a link for the information.

The most recent addition to my chair was the Yellow Bolster Pillow. The edges of the rectangle are pressed and topstitched to hold the shape. I love this detail. The fabrics are a cool yellow silk dupioni paired with a shiny silver rip-stop nylon. The filling: down feathers for a structured-yet-soft look. If this pillow is a must-have for you, let me know. You can choose from a range of custom colors for the silk dupioni. My recommendations: hot pink silk with silver rip-stop or dark turquoise silk with silver rip-stop. Limited edition. Price upon request. Dimensions: 18" x 6" x 6"

There you have it. Home Installation #1. Stay tuned for more.

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I will show you later how my new green candlestick looks in situ. And then, I am launching a home decor mini-series on this blog, complete with photos. I thought it would be a good way to test some products. As some may know, I make various home decor items: limited-edition pillows, custom window treatments, one-of-kind lamp shades, table linens including coasters. I also do custom work for select clients. I will show you my designs for the home in the coming days!

updated: the new candlestick (although slilghtly backlit) with a "paper lantern" candle. I took a better pic so you could see how the green astroturf coaster matches so nicely!

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colored "lacquer"

On my way home from the PATH to the L yesterday, I might have wandered over to West Elm, and I might have bought this green candlestick. It was so shiny and so lacquer-y, how was I supposed to resist?

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sudoku craze on ny subways

Have you played Sudoku yet? I found a puzzle while riding the PATH train yesterday. In one of the free subway newspapers, AM New York, I think it is called. I have seen people erasing and writing like mad in their little Sudoku books. I have seen people walking and playing while transferring from the G to the E at Court Square. So I thought, ha! Now I can see what all of this is about.

I liked it. It was kind of fun. The idea is to place numbers 1-9 in a row, in a column and within a 3-square box without repeating a number in any direction. The game doesn't have anything to do with math or numbers really. But it does have to do with limitations and strategies. I love that! It could just as easily be done using A-I or even pictures. It is kind of a Rubic's Cube, but not exactly. Try it! You will feel like an expert and breeze through, until you realize you have made far too many mistakes, and you shouldn't have used a pen. And then you will leave it behind on the subway, and go about your merry way.... Go to Sudoku.com for strategies. I certainly need some.




I have read through the first week of Julie's cooking travails. Have you figured out how to use the navigation? Just click here, and then click on the calendar dates to move you forward in time. I can see why people were so captivated by her idea. And she really did seem to have an instant-audience. I felt compelled to sign her blog too (entry dated August 27, 2002).

Three things come to mind as I read. One, how much will all these ingredients cost? Frenchy ingredients, namely all the meat, cheese and butter, are not cheap. Two, what did her cholesterol become? Three, wouldn't one just become so cumulatively full, that one could not bear yet another heavy meal? I am glad she got a book deal out of this. The journey could not have been easy. Cooking fish in a small apartment? She is brave. I am really enjoying reading the blog.



may i speak on the record about caning?

This caning pattern is starting to creep up everywhere. They are forcing it. All the magazines and designers are in collusion about this one. My 2 cents: avoid it. For one thing, it is too Cape Cod. For another, they are blowing it up only to blow it out. (You see, I blew it up too: oversized the picture to prove my point. haha!) Look, Jonathan Adler already has it on sale. And please disregard page 104 of your new March issue of Domino. If you see me do this caning pattern this season, please forward me this post, and give me a slap on the wrist. Anyway I prefer Labyrinth. It is so much more shibui. (Keep scrolling, the definition of shibui is right after wabi and sabi. Appropriately!)

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fellow alumna

Well what do you know, Julie Powell of the Julia/Julia Project went to Amherst College! (Julie '95, me '91) I just read all about her in the latest addition of my alumni magazine. I am proud to be in such blogging company. It seems that she started this project to find direction; and then the cooking and the writing became all-consuming. What a great self-created success story. The blog ended in 2004, but is still online for all to read. And the book is now a big hit. I'll give you this link if you are interested. For those of you who want to make it your project to read her blog everyday, here seems to be the first entry.



my new snow look

I was on the subway last night going to meet my Valentine at the Clock at Grand Central, when it hit me. New York women are never frumpy despite the slushy mucky muck. I looked down at my Boston-issue practical snow boots (not pictured), and then across at their stiletto boots with pristine black flowy pants hems and back at my frumpy boots and back at their sexy shoes, and thought about it.

Oh Lord, I am LL Bean practical!! My worst fashion fear ever! So today I happened to remedy that situation. While not sexy and sultry, because quite frankly I would fall on my bum and cry, these boots are quite cute and flirtatious, and optical print to boot! Hah! And twelve dollars. Hee! I took this photo with the flash so you could envision me in my evening ensemble, my black pants cuffed just below the knee and my black wool coat hem swooshing coquettishly just above! Color me excited and ready to cross at the corners!


time for timer!

I have just poured myself a big glass of iced coffee and I am ready to Photoshop. I am setting the timer for 30 minute intervals to alternate with other work, because Photoshopping is one of the biggest time-eater-uppers I know. Before you know it, it is 3 am!

A number of you have been e-mailing me asking, "What's with the timer Elaine?" Upon answering your individual e-mails, it seems that you like my clever time- management device. It seems that you want one too! I am so glad!! Here is a great one that the Jodiverse found today and wants to get: with a tape measure motif yet! I have started somewhat of a timer frenzy, I am happy to say.

Once you read my reasoning behind using the egg-timer, I am sure you will love it too. Here it is. The timer is my quiet co-worker that holds me accountable for completing my tasks when no one is around. I set the timer and say to myself, "OK focus! You must do this yucky task that you hate (like straightening up fabric*), but hey, it is only 15 minutes and then you can be done with it!" Then it becomes like a fun game of Beat-the-Clock. If I focus for certain intervals, then I get the job done. (15' if I am really spazzy, 55' if I am calmer, 30' if I want to alternate between 2 tasks that are equally time consuming so this way I get 2 things done without even feeling the pain) Otherwise, I just sit around dreading doing that thing and not doing it, or having little idea how to prioritize my to-do lists. What can I say, I am deadline-driven.

Another great by-product of using the timer is that I know exactly how long specific tasks take to do. When it comes to pricing jobs, or promising orders, this is great great information to have! What did I tell you, you are hooked right? Use your oven timer until you pick out an egg timer of your own. That works too! And..........TIME! (This blog entry clocked in at 13 minutes, minus the Photoshopping of the photos.)

*I did get the job done this morning. I set the timer for 15' for each giant piece of fabric that needed to be rolled up and put on the shelf. Success! Rolling up fabric is tedious and yucky because I would much rather be making things!

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where do i fit in?

As you know, I am an oboe, so I don't actually want to fit in. Some characteristics of an oboe: I like to work alone (agree), I like to be different (agree), I just go with the flow (disagree), I love a challenge (agree), I would like power if it was given to me (all fashion designers are meglomaniacs. have you met any lately?)

So anyway, where does my blog fit it? Design blogs, which mine partially is, but not really entirely, post a million entries per day, with a million and a half pictures. This leads me to wonder, how do they do their work? Is blogging their full-time job? Craft blogs (which mine is not!! I may be crafty like a fox, but I do not make crafts) tend towards the online diary format. Fashion blogs (which mine also isn't really) talk too much about UGH boots and how they are so last Monday and how uncool you are to have even thought of purchasing such a travesty. Since i am a fashion designer.gee [blog], I just post what I see fit. (Is that a bad pun? sorry!) I am an only child, and I like power, and I like to stand out, and by the way, I am also happy and carefree. gee. Take the instrument quiz if you do not know what I am going on about, and sign the blog with your results!

Now you must excuse me for awhile as I have got some major straightening up to do. There is fabric everywhere. I have instructed myself on my to-do list to set the timer for 15-minute intervals and just get it done fast this morning.


pod bed

Now this is an interesting idea. I was checking out a design blog that is jam-packed with information called Apartment Therapy and saw this.

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happy valentine's day!


nature puzzles

Doesn't this bizarre little bonsai just scream MUST HAVE! It certainly does to me. I just found this on Decor8. Yum. At $22, it is easy-to-acquire.




jewelry shopping

Doing these events, I do get to see a lot of handmade unique pieces firsthand; and as the show wears on, I find I cannot resist them. Look at these cute pieces I picked up on Saturday! And these are the pretty papers she used to wrap them. The designer is Kristin Brenneman Eno and here is her website. I loved both pieces for their materials, color and shape. (The squares reminded me of an Egyptian cartouche or a signature or seal on a Japanese painting.) The orange necklace is made of carnelian, the earrings of the dark wood I love. Check out Kristin's paintings, sculpture and jewelry online!



i am an oboe?

I beg to differ. I am a clarinet! My score: 83% for oboe (tied with bassoon, an instrument I also love, and tried to play once, but the double-reed gave me the darndest of troubles.) My clarinet score: 25%. This cannot be. I played clarinet for 13 years! Take this quiz to find out your instrument-personality and let me know what you are. I found it on the blog of Felsenfeld just now. I am still a clarinet.


wall organizer

I have to say, this is one is good idea. Perhaps a trip to a restaurant supply store in Chinatown is in order... This piece is by Tobias Wong, a designer and conceptual artist; or in my opinion, practical joker. I saw his work in the Cooper-Hewitt Shop. The piece that particularly irked me was a 100-page notepad-of-sorts they were selling for $200. The pages: real One Dollar bills. Isn't it illegal to charge $2 for a $1 bill??? (The question though is who set the price, Wong or the Shop? I would like to know, just so I can be irked by the correct personage and/or entity.) Here is another piece they carried, which a friend of mine found on sale on another site: The Ballistic Rose Brooch, made of actual Kevlar. Not my recommendation for a Valentine's gift, just for the record.

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The snowy sky has cleared and I can see my beautiful Shakeshack Building again! I am not surprised to learn that the Jodiverse also loves this building, in all it's glorious colors. Right now, as of 7:39 pm, it is white. Darn, now I want an ice cream shake. Another frosty treat I have been dreaming of is a chocolate mousse ice from Uncle Louie G. But both treats are closed for the season. Think Spring! Or think icy thoughts, whichever works for you.




Let me just say, I am glad our Valentine's Day Event was not scheduled for today! Thank you so much to all of you who came and shopped yesterday!! I really appreciate it!!! It was a great day. The most popular item was the one I predicted: The Geisha Top. YAY! And every T-Shirt style I brought tied for the second most popular item. Let me say for the record: I love Park Slope shoppers! Thank you again! Our next event at the Old Stone House is planned for May, before Mother's Day.



Left: our water tower when we moved here in May.
Right: our watertower today.

Oh well, I guess it does snow in Brooklyn. To the right of the water tower is usually a nice view of the Shakeshack Building in Manhattan. (Some refer to this building as the Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower, but to me, it is the Shakeshack Building, because the Danny Meyer's Shake Shack serves up creamy frozen custard caramel shakes right nearby in beautiful Madison Square Park.) Below is another picture of the Brooklyn Blizzard 06. I call this one "Brooklyn Backyard." Still, this is nothing compared to the 90 inches (!!) of snow we had in Boston last winter. Despite today, I still consider the weather here to be tropical.




snowy & shoppy

After a spring-like winter, we finally have a big snow predicted. And wouldn't you know it, it coordinates with our Valentine's Day Shopping Extravaganza in Park Slope. Do not fear. The snow is due to start much later in the day. (famous last words? I hope not.) So get an early start! We open at 10 am. And there is the greatest bagel place on the corner right near the Old Stone House. They even have tofu cream cheese. What New York bagel place doesn't? So grab a bagel and a hot coffee and head on over to our lovely event. Bring all your friends because it will be warm, cozy and lots of fun! I am currently tagging, pressing and packing our latest new designs for your viewing and shopping enjoyment! Click here for the I Love Fashion Tank.

And don't forget to HopStop the directions! Have you ever used this? It is a great little subway tool. Just type in corner of 5th ave and 4th st in Brooklyn for the destination.

And you can be the first to try on the Cherry Blossom Pleat-Skirt. Here is a hint of what it looks like. Click on the link to see more hints. Perfect with our featured Geisha Top. And lovely with the coral Lasso Necklace and Red-Swirl Obi too. As I always say, Don't just stand there. Accessorize!


modular bag diagram

And this is the tag that came with the bag. I love the whole concept. I wish I thought of it! The modular aspect is right up my alley.

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my latest cool bag find

Have you ever been to this store? There is one in Boston in Downtown Crossing that I used to frequent, and now there is one in my neighborhood on the way home from the Y. Dangerous! Please note: this is not their usual logo. It seems that the "n" fell off and they put it up backwards, Toys R Us style. I don't know why. I will tell you a secret. I got my new signature green shirt there. There are so many great basics there, like colored tanks, and some very odd pieces too. Yes I got that red tank there. Last week, I found this great convertible bag! So clever! Currently in stock at the time of this post.

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