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are you a fonts enthusiast? a typophile?
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find the beauty on your daily walk! take time to notice the details of your landscape.
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there is nothing like seeing a great handbag in action.
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plastics are our future. how can you resist plastic? it is so shiny and pleasing. I have a penchant for plastics.
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chronicling my quest for the one true
Greek Cup
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have you ever noticed the similarity between nyc fire call boxes and benevolent Kannon, goddess of mercy?
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every design, fashion and art magazine I read lately features some important directional artist making big contributions to their genre. and where do they live? brooklyn!
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who says there are no more 'new ideas' in art and design? the newness is in the juxtaposition.
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this is how I really get things done. with my little green co-worker/task-master.
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my clothing & accessories design
east-meets-west minimalism

my site

the look
dressy utilitarian

my concept
useful, economical, modular pieces that can be mix-matched in numerous ways (because why can't fashion be useful and lasting? I think it can!) So I say Maximize your Minimalism!

Satin Karate Belt featured in Dec 06 Real Simple

Voted Best Designer 2006 Style Bakery
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furniture (especially chairs from the 50s and 60s), uniforms, repeating patterns, menswear, Oscar Niemeyer, traditional Japanese architecture, the Rimpa School and Ogata Korin's 8-Point Bridge, Matisse, bromeliads, succulents and other waxy flora

particular loves
bamboo, coral, moss, woodgrain, silhouettes & other cut-outs, plastic, low-resolution images, the photo copier, off-registration prints, Max Ernst's Lunar Asparagus, NYC fire call boxes that look like Kannon, Fauvist color sense, the Noguchi Museum, pretty much all of Abstract Expressionism

magazines of current interest
Domino, Elle Decor (British), ARTnews, Art in America, Wallpaper

favorite heel style
the wedge, but a sleek modern interpretation

second favorite
the stiletto

current shoe obsession
alas, the sneaker. (because I live in nyc and walk a ton!) but not too sneakery of a sneaker. more of a sneaker disguised as a shoe, like a mary jane style or a high-tech looking black one with a metallic accent. how about Royal Elastics? I must go try some on. I really like the non-sneakeryness of their styles.





improptu fashion event this evening!

My clothing (including skirts, tops, tees, and obi sashes) and I will be at Calliope In Williamsburg this evening for a Fall Fashion Party featuring Brooklyn designers! When I drop off my stuff this afternoon, I'll snap some pics of the store and the route, so you can find your way there tonight. Hopstop it!

All the particulars:

Fall Fashion Party at Calliope!
135 Grand Street (between Bedford and Berry)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
This Friday Evening

Cupcakes and Beverages will be served. yum.
Impromtu modelling too.


new rewards program on elaineperlov.com

If you are on our mailing list, you received this email when you got into work this morning.

Here is what it said:

I wanted to personally thank you for your continued interest in Elaine Perlov clothing & accessories design.

I am pleased to announce that we are building a new customer database, so that we can give you more personal attention throughout the year. That means extra perks for returning customers, extra perks for multiple-piece purchases within one order, as well as rewards for total dollars spentwith us, both on our website and in person at our various events.

To give you a good running start in our new Rewards Program, we will take into account all purchases you have made in the last two years, instead of one, dating back to January of 2004.

In the next week you will receive notice about your shopping rewards, which you can use exclusively on elaineperlov.com. Stay tuned for our exciting new Fall lineup!

Thank you so much again.


We are excited about things to come! Please sign our mailing list today. All those on the mailing list will receive unadvertised goodies that the general public doesn't. And starting now, when you shop more, you will get more. (more promo codes, double and triple point shopping weeks, special birthday discounts for Diamond and Platinum customers, advance notice of Limited Editions, secret Preview Links, and much more!) If you have questions, we are always happy to hear from you.



elaineperlov.com site back up!

The site is back up, as of 11:55 am. It could be up and down today... It is a possibility at least. Are there hurricanes blowing out there somewhere? That could have an effect on my server, believe it or not. Kindly resume shopping. :-)

I am working on a big project right now. Be back to tell you more later.


elaineperlov.com server trouble

Please be advised that elaineperlov.com seems to be down temporarily due to some server issue. We are looking into the problem right now. I hope it will be fixed very soon. Of course, that is perfect timing (i.e., rotten timing) for the email I just sent out last night. Nothing to click to. Gotta love computers. But right now, I don't.



wps1: art radio

WPS1: the art radio station of PS1 Contemporary Arts Center. Now that sounds good. Click on this link for their program schedule. I will be listening along with you for the first time. This could be very interesting indeed.

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more online shopping tips from elaine

Following up on the Gretchen's Closet article (see the post below), Gretchen makes great points about contacting the designer directly with special fit needs. I whole-heartedly agree. Speaking for my own company, we welcome all of your personal emails, and love to talk with you directly about matching up your shape to our designs. We will always respond to your email, same day, Monday through Friday. So please inquire.

Here are some of my tips for shopping online on elaineperlov.com:

1. Know your measurements. That's Bust-Waist-Hips.* Did you know that it is free to get your measurements done at your local tailor? All websites will have a size conversion chart, so you can see how your measurements correspond to different companies' sizing. Whereas sizes are relative (you could be an 8 in one designer's line and a 4 in another), your measurements are always absolute. I suggest keeping your measurements at hand when you are ordering. And while you're at it, keep a tape measure near your computer too. You may want to see where a 24" skirt hits on your frame. At the knee? Above? Below? Familiarize yourself with this link to our size conversion chart. And feel free to email us with any questions.

*The Bust measurement is the circumference at the fullest point around the body with the tape measure parallel to the floor. It is important to note that this measurement is different from bra size.

2. Join our mailing list. You will get special promo codes in your email box from time to time that are not advertised to the general public. We have tiered mailing lists including Premiere and Preferred Customers (based on your purchases each year, compiled from both online and offline sales.) Special customers receive early notice of Limited Editions and as well as greater discounts, Promo Codes and special unadvertised offers throughout the year. Everyone on the mailing list receives goodies, sneak peaks and surprise discounts, so sign up today.

3. Read this blog. I preview new pieces here first sometimes. And sometimes I even reveal Promo Codes too. Always worth a read.

4. Don't be afraid to email or call us if you are having trouble deciding. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you maximize your minimalism!

5. Try one piece first to get your feet wet. Then come back for more. If it turns out that you are between sizes, no problem. Call us with your measurements on the exchange.

6. Sometimes it is best to have a piece altered in your home town, by a tailor you trust. Cultivate a relationship with your local tailor. This way, you can communicate exactly what you want, and see the changes in person.

7. Request any swatches from us. They are free! I personally always like to feel the fabrics, don't you?

8. Are you especially tall? Petite? Long-waisted? Short-waisted? Call us. I'll bet we can fit you. On certain designs, this service is free! (We'll let you know the extra charges, if any.)

9. Do tell us of any special event you may have and by what date you will need your pieces delivered. If you have ordered 3+ days before your event, we can usually rush it out to you, at no extra charge to you (as long as it is in stock). We ship US Postal 2-3 day Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to anywhere in the country. For an additional charge, we also offer expedited freight via FedEx if you have to have it NOW. Check out the "Shipping & Taxes" link on the bottom of the checkout pages.

10. Don't wait forever to order that piece you have been pining away over. We do sell out of pieces entirely. Like the Geisha Top, for example.

11. Investigate our automated shopping online. Our custom designed shopping system is particularly fast, easy and fun, with a thumbnail included on the checkout page for each piece you have added to your bag. All of our policies, including privacy and returns, shipping and sales tax, gift cards and international orders are included at the bottom of every checkout page for your at-a-glance easy reference. Use those Promo Codes we sent you! Join the mailing list or open an online account. Add a piece to your bag today and start building your modular wardrobe with us. It is pleasantly easy. And we are here to assist you. I think you will like the quality. All of our pieces are handmade, with an attention to detail.


how to shop online

Here is a great article from Gretchen's Closet about how to shop online. I will be back later today with some of my own online shopping tips. This is a great topic. Thanks Gretchen!


indie shopping

Here is my cute little ad on indieshopping.com. I think the logo worked out really well. I had to write a 20-25 word blurb about my company to go along with my mini horizontal logo. Now that is a tricky assignment. Try it! Write about your own company or project in 25 words and make it attention grabbing. Here is what I came up with. I hope the traffic will be good!



sumptuous silver


Need to refresh your wardrobe in a pinch? Make metallics your friend again this Fall. They were great this summer; and now they are great again, in new slightly deeper, richer shades. Wear them with all your Fall fabrics, from cords to denims to suedes for all the right... to hit all the right notes..........I like to add a little shimmer here and there, from my lipstick to my eyeshadow to my toenail polish to my evening bag to my day tote to my belt! But not all at once, of course.



penchant for plastic

Yes I have a penchant for plastic! Especially when it comes to accessories. Today, we introduced 3 new pieces in our Plexi Silhouettes Series. These 3 necklaces will be available exclusively on elaineperlov.com (Actually, they are available now, as of this posting. The e-mail to our Premiere and Preferred Customer will go out next week, so if you happen to be reading, you can be the first to click and shop. gee)

Each Limited Edition piece is laser cut in high-shine plexi. The sterling silver chain is 32" so you can wear it long as a pendant, or wrap it around twice as a choker. We like convertible jewelry. Try these new pieces with your Geisha Top if you got one before it sold out, or with the similarly styled Camouflage V-Neck, currently in stock and ready to ship.

And don't forget to check out the HOT ITEMS this week.

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better make good use of this day

I always have at least one good hair day in September, where the humidity doesn't conspire against me.

This could be my day.



how do you like this logo?

I had to whip up a new horizontal logo this morning to fit in a certain format, 120x75 pixels. The other day, I made a vertical one, below, 75x120 pixels, not realizing what they wanted. I kind of like this new one though. In fiddling around with the placement of the T-SHIRT, I noticed that my name spells out my initials "ep" internally. That is a neat thing. I am glad they needed a horizontal one instead!

If you are wondering if I base my life on "happy accidents," the answer would be yes.

vertical logo, still nice
I'll save it for another occasion
when they need a vertical logo
sheesh, you really have to be flexible
in this digital world.



framing elements: the new index page

I wanted to show you the reference photo I used to make the new index page: Transition into Fall 2006! The wrought iron openwork at 171 Madison Avenue caught my eye because I love repeating geometric patterns. Here were the 3 photos I took back in early Spring. That turned out to be a very good walk! (see also the Geisha/StyleBakery index page from April, using the top photo)

In Photoshop, I took a thumbnail-sized sample of the wrought iron and repeated it like building blocks across the page. I love how the 'seams' meet on all four sides. Matching, but not quite matching. I think in terms of 'seams' and juxtapositions. What can I say?

I liked how the color and pattern of the wrought iron complemented the rich browns, golds, pinks and plums of the SUMI-E and BAMBOO pieces, and the texture of the LABYRINTH OBI. As I have been doing for the last few index pages, I inserted thumbnails and details of my designs into the 'building facade' to make the various tops and skirts look like building blocks themselves -- wardrobe building blocks that you can use to create many economical outfit combinations. All it takes is a few new building blocks each season to see your old favorites in a new way.

As we enter a new clothing season, it is always nice to recontextualize and reframe your existing wardrobe. Choose a new basic, a new color, a new texture, and a new accessory. Break up that suit into separates or add a new top and necklace underneath. Add a new wide OBI to 'an old faithful' ensemble you loved from last Fall. See things in a new context. It is a brand new season to create a new you! And all it takes are just a few new modular elements.

Modular Dressing is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee

Click here for a more in-depth read about my concept and economical approach to fashion.

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an aerial view of my breakfast today



the spinach scare


The spinach scare is a big fat bummer. I love spinach! And I am noticing that spinach is in most things I eat, especially most things my husband and I choose when we go out to eat. For now, I won't be eating many of my favorites:

saag paneer
spinach pakoras
spinach feta omelets
spinach pies (both Greek and Middle Eastern)
spinach tofu cream cheese
baby spinach salad
spinach potato pierogies
dim sum dumplings
stir-fried spinach and garlic
spinach calzones
spinach pizzas
pressed sandwiches with spinach and mushroom
cold Turkish mezze plate (includes spinach)
Japanese spinach sesame salad
Korean vegetable sushi
Chap chae (Korean glass noodles with spinach)
mixed vegetable anything because what if there is spinach in there and you ask the guy at the counter and he tells you no because he really doesn't know.*

As I said, this is a big bummer. And I had just gotten back into salads lately too! Does the issue extend to mesclun greens? Who is to know.***

*That was a paranoid example, wasn't it?
**In trying to upload the photo, I think a spinach virus tried to install itself on my computer instead.
***I often find it funny to read other people's paranoias. That is why I include mine here for you.

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a cure for the common cold?

Hey, my cold is gone in record time! I caught a cold last Tuesday, took 2 step aerobics classes, swam 4 days, drank lots of water, walked a lot, and today my cold is gone! Yes I do believe exercise is a good cure for lots of things.



something pretty and delicious

Dragon Land Bakery in Chinatown has quite a dramatic ceiling. I love the bustling atmosphere of this spot. You pick out the pastry and the lovely bakery assistant puts it on your tray with her trusty tongs, just like at Fay Da, where the prices might be cheaper. But Fay Da doesn't have this dramatic ceiling! Let's face it, at Dragon Land, I am in it for the dramatic ceiling. If a taro root bun costs a few more cents here (usually 70 cents), I'll try it once. Here is a great identifier of buns for you to peruse. Happy bakery-going!

Dragon Land Bakery
125 Walker St
Chinatown, NYC

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Yesterday was a sad day wasn't it? I didn't know if I should do some normal stuff or sit like a lump. I compromised, and did normal quiet stuff like making things, swimming, talking to my Y friend in the locker room whom I hadn't seen in a while. I talked with the nice older man up the street and complimented him on his garden. I took a peaceful walk to Williamsburg to get an iced coffee and a blueberry scone in the afternoon. I passed by 3 firemen in their dress uniforms, having beers and looking sad. I smiled at one of them, and he smiled back.


4 famous people that have the name...

Easing into the day today, I thought I'd do a little self-Googling. This was an unexpected one. Bobbylips-Level 5 considers me famous.




This looks like a really good movie: Man Push Cart. I recommend it in advance. Don't blame me if it doesn't deliver. I will be taking the same risk as you, maybe at the same time in the same theatre? And I thought that it might be nice to take in a frosty chocolate drink (like a Dark Chocolate Granita) at Max Brenner afterwards which just opened on Broadway in Union Square.

Man Push Cart. Go see it. I am only sorry we did not see it on Friday or Saturday night when the director and Ahmad were there for a Q&A. There is a good article in Time Out this week about the film. And a number of reviews to check out online.


hidden gem: champion coffee

Meet me for coffee (I say that a lot), this time in the neighborhood! Champion Coffee in Greenpoint, which opened this past May, has a lovely outdoor patio in the back, complete with lots of greenery. Greenery! In Brooklyn!! (A little starved for some trees of late, I am.) The patio is a hidden gem.

We just found this lovely spot last weekend, and sampled the menu. I can strongly recommend the Iced Americano (I had mine with soy milk) and the madeleine. At $2 and 55 cents, respectively, the prices are quite nice. Both were delicious, made more so by the lovely surroundings. For winter, try the cozy tables in back and a cappucino. There is no name on the place; so look for the funny sandwich board out front. Okay, now I want to go get an Iced Americano. See you there!

Champion Coffee

1108 Manhattan Avenue (between Clay & Dupont)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
open 7-7, 7 days, that's nice

Hidden Gems is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee
To see more findings, click here.

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on bagels: bagel world's fair

Bagels bagels bagels! I was all excited that we were going to have a bagel smorgasbord this weekend to go along with the smoked fish I got from Acme this past Friday. My husband and I joked that we could have one bagel from each of our favorites around the city: Ess-a-Bagel, Tal, Kossar's (bialy which they sell 6 to a bag at Grand Central if you don't want to trek downtown), and while you're in the neighborhood, why not throw in David's and Pinnacle too. Why not. A Bagel World's Fair of sorts.

I joked that I would make the identifying flags. Well, of course I had to make the flags! Anything for a yuk. (The flags say Esse! My kind of sentiment for a flag: Eat! (actually to identify where our bagels were from: Ess-a Bagel, meaning Eat-a-Bagel, ok now you understand better, I feel better.)) Here was our Saturday morning feast. Along with the fish, we enjoyed spinach tofu cream cheese and juicy delicious tomatoes from Lucky's Tomatoes (strictly wholesale to specialty shops in Manhattan, like the Jefferson Market in the West Village). I got to chatting with the people behind me in line, because we all had giant grins on our faces (Acme will do that to you, put a giant grin on your face), and they turned out to be the owners of Lucky's Tomatoes! I was so excited to talk to them. On the way home, they gave me 4 great big tomatoes to go with my fish. Now that's neighborhoody and great. Who was the lucky one that day? Me!

On Bagels is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee

Elaine has written extensively on bagels for this blog. She recently bought an alarm clock at IKEA where you can program your own voice to wake you up. Today, she and her husband will record, "It's Bagel Time!" as their new wake-up call.



i finally found the amherst club

Well after many feelings of being left out of the University Club scene in New York (and Boston too), I finally found the Amherst Club! Of course we have to share with a host of other schools, but they are pretty decent enough schools I guess.

As it so happens, the University Club at 54th and 5th Avenue is a secret club of sorts. What do they do in there?? I was really curious so I asked. The man at the desk wouldn't really tell me. All he would tell me was that you have to be sponsored by a member and then approved. Who are the members? Industrial statesmen, I would imagine. I don't know if I know any. I don't really want to join, but it's always nice to be asked.

The architecture firm of Charles McKim, William Mead and Stanford White, who were all members of the University Club, got the architectural commission to design the new club. McKim designed a $1 million building, which still sets the standard for large urban club buildings. The day of the low-rise club - like the three-story Century Association built in 1891 on West 43rd Street - was passing, and McKim built a six-story building that appeared to be only three by using high, arched openings. [source: NYTimes]




This just in: free prune danish and coffee at NorthFork today. I think I have to do more banking now. Excuse me.



new art installation at the lever house

If you find yourself near the Lever House soon, look up. We saw them painting this new ceiling on Labor Day. I wonder what the rest of the new art installation will look like. The Lever House is located at 390 Park Avenue at 53rd Street. The decor of the restaurant is great too. (I didn't link to the restaurant's website, www.leverhouse.com, because it has loud music, and you might be at work. So take a look at this page of Google images instead. It's quieter.) Plenty of good links in this post. Click and get studying.

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geisha top: get the last one in size small

Our much written about Geisha Top is almost sold out forever. We have just one piece available as of this posting, in size Small. Are you the intended happy owner of the last Geisha?

If so, click on the highlighted text to purchase this piece on elaineperlov.com (If you are second or third in the shipping queue, we will notify you via e-mail; Good Luck!)

Would you like to have this great shape in a different fabric or different size? Try the Momiji or the Camo. We have SML in both pieces. Or try a similar empire waist style, with a dressy cowl neck: the Pointelle Top with oval rhinestone details at the shoulders.


plates to go with your elk's lodge decor

Thanks to Jon at It's (K)not Wood for introducing me to The Bespoke Porcelain Company. This great platter would (wood) look fabulous at Lodge or other similarly decorated restaurant. Yes I think they should pursue some restaurant accounts across the country. And why not start with some Brooklyn restaurants? And did I mention, The Bespoke Porcelain Company is based in Brooklyn? Where else? All great artists are based in Brooklyn. I thought of this yesterday: Great Artists Live in Brooklyn will be a new column for my blog!

Mesquite Grained Platter with Old Texas View, photo from TBPC. To order, check out their website. Note: designer Jill Fenichell also does a line of melamine plates for her other company, Bongenre.com. Check out this peacock design! She is talented. More on this artist later this month.

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separation anxiety

When my wash is down the street at the laundromat, I have separation anxiety.


thank goodness i didn't miss the funny

So tonight, I thought, was supposed to be a show of Variety Shac at Galapagos. I thought it was the first Tuesday of each month. But thanks to funny New York comic, Kyria Abrahams, who links to fellow funny New York comic, Chelsea Peretti, I found out that the Variety Shac show is this Thursday, September 7, 8:30pm, $5, Galapagos. You must go. I must too. Four funny, darkly funny, New Yorker comic funny ladies. That's the best description I can do. I haven't seen them live yet. Only on video's on Chelsea Peretti's blog, or was it on ZeFrank's site?

Preview these shorts of Variety Shac. Trust me, you will want to go check them out.

Galapagos Art Space is in Williamsburg, 70 N 6th St, Brooklyn, 718.384.4586


more musings: pleasant surroundings

Everyone wants to exist in a pleasant surrounding, whether they admit to it or not. I know some will protest pretty surroundings, claiming that they never notice, could care less, are concerned with content over form, aren't design wimps, etc. But I beg to differ. It is simply more pleasant to be in pleasant surroundings.

Take my Y for example. The locker room was rather, well, yucky before they closed for the end-of-summer cleaning. And now, WOW! We got a new paint job, new flooring, new lockers, new shower stalls, new shower curtains, new automatic paper towel dispensers, new sinks, new faucets, more countertops, new lights. I rather like the color combo they chose: chartreuse walls, blue lockers, olive green floors and shower stalls, burnt umber tiles that transition from grey to greenish brown depending on the angle of light, olive countertops, grey other walls, and one red pipe. It is a bit wacky, but very very nice. The fact that they even chose a color scheme rather surprised me.

So while I swam today, I thought all about little finishing touches they could add to put the place over the top. Like gold accents. If the locker room had mirrors framed in gold, that would warm the place right up. How about some fancy shower heads too. And why not put a a big script L and M on the locker room doors, instead of those old yucky old plaques that they didn't bother to change, that are sloppily painted over and a bit rusty anyway.

I wanted to write up a punch-list too. I want to submit my punch-list to the Suggestion Box. They need to clean up the construction dust. They need to finish the floor in one corner. And some molding for the floor. If only they would finish it, keep the place clean, add some shower caddies and towel hooks (they removed those in the renovation for some unknown reason), the place would be great. I am almost tempted to do some guerilla decorating for them. With a laminated tag on each improvement that could read, "Donated by a caring Y member who saw a need," or something like that.

I am tempted.

Musings from the Pool is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee



great wall

I spied this hand-painted woodgrain wall from far down the block. Look up at the top. A hand-painted little birdie. I love the deconstructed Elk's lodge look of this Cobble Hill eatery. They use the same antler wall sconces as Lodge in Williamsburg, another one of my favorite Elk's lodge-type decors.

Name of this eatery: TBA (oops, I forgot to write it down. I know it's on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill. If you happen to know, sign the comments and I will pass along the info.) Looked it up on eater.com hoping to see a picture, but no luck. Eater.com, published by Curbed, is an informative site, by the way.

Name of the maker of the antler wall sconces: Jason Miller of Brooklyn, where else? All great artists live in Brooklyn! He makes antler chandeliers too.

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musings: my old Boston self returns

I have been swimming at my favorite pool in the whole city all week and it has been Heaven! Heaven I tell you! My Y has been closed for cleaning, so I get to swim for free (my 6 free AWAY visits per year are not debited; therefore, I call this free) at the McBurney Y on 6th Avenue and 14th Street.

I swim faster in this pool. It must be the elatedness. And then I continue that good endorphin rush feeling with an iced coffee and some shopping! This routine of swimming at a pool surrounded by stores (unlike my Y, where there are none, thankfully, save for dollar stores and a Rainbow) has unexpectedly awakened my dormant Boston shopping self. The Huntington Y in Boston was way too close to Saks and the whole Prudential Mall. It is hard to browse everyday and not buy, isn't it?

So I am kind of glad I am not a full-time member at this Y. After this glorious week, I can go back to my new New York self of consuming more with my eyes and not so much with my pocketbook.

Musings from the Pool is a new featured regular column for the blog. gee